Brand new Nexus-One owner :)

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Thread: Brand new Nexus-One owner :)

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    Brand new Nexus-One owner :)

    Finally got my Nexus-One last night I am on T-Mobile, and had a cool guy help install the latest CyanogenMod, plus the HTC Sense-UI mod as well. he told me with the phone rooted with the C.mod that it will access the newest T-Mobile "H" network that is like 3.5G ? Which is faster speeds than normal 3G ?

    I totally love this phone, coming form my garbage BlackBerry 9700Bold that was faulty, this is night and day better, and before that I had an iPhone3G, which I liked too, but hated the crazy high monthly bill, and getting sick of Apple.

    One question is, it seems like the Sense-UI mod is flaky ? One time I used advanced Task killer last night, and forgot to uncheck Sense-Ui, and it froze the phone up, had to pull battery and restart. Also after waking up this morning I went to turn the phone on from sleep mode, and it was froze again and said something with advanced task killer on top of menu, but I had to remove battery again. Or maybe I downloaded a bad task killer app ? I have deleted it now, see if that helps ?

    I am not sure I how remove Sense-UI, and just stick with the Cmod ? Or should I see how ti goes today with no lockups first before removing Sense ?


    But this phone totally is the best, really impressed.

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    One other comment, I thought with the CyanogenMod, there was an option for the track ball to light up different colors for different notifications ? It seems to only light up a purple/pink sort of color.

    One thing I liked about the BlackBerry, was there would be a small blinking red LED light if there was an e-mail, text, or missed call, and the phone would keep blinking that little red light forever until you checked the message, text, or e-mail. Can I set the Nexus-One to work like that ? Or maybe I can already but the Sense-UI is interfering with it working ?

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    The cyanagen and the N1 OS both give you the faster network. Cyanogen shows it on your home screen and the Android OS does not.

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    Modaco's Desire rom is NOT stable at the moment. It is currently in Alpha testing (19 if he hasn't updated since I went to sleep ) and there are a few different bugs and what not in the rom that still give errors.

    Cyanogens mod is a STABLE mod, meaning there are very few errors in the rom and that it shouldn't give you many problems if you do everything correctly. To control the LED colors, you need to get Trackball Successions to have more than one color on the trackball at the same time.

    To change roms you need to DO A FULL WIPE before switching, because these two roms use the system differently.

    My advice is to do some researching about changing roms and all the steps required, because doing it incorrectly can give you lots of headache later! Glad you love your nexus!
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    Cyanogen is so sick. It's fast and basically implements all of the common sense features that the stock OS doesn't.

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