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Thread: N1 for a week so far..

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    N1 for a week so far..

    I've owned the N1 for about a week so far and i'm liking it initially. I am moving on from a blackberry curve 8320 so this is pretty much my first real smartphone. I do have a ipod touch so I wanted to compare the two as it is the closest thing I can come to an Iphone.

    I haven't rooted my N1 and am hesitant to until i've done some more research and sorry but having colored trackball light's isn't really convincing me.

    Off the top of my head.. here are a few things I wish the nexus one had or would get in the future:

    Better UI for media player!! If it wants to compete with apple then it has to have a nice, and simple yet functional media player which should make listening to your music effortless. Sure there is a learning curve to every device but the stock media player is just fugly.

    Something I liked about the ipod touch media player is the large album art, and the ability to put your lyrics on top. Also I liked the touch volume controll.

    Also there is no real stock video player for this device! If I want to watch my videos I have to go through the gallery.. and I don't even know which video is which without either playing the video or going to the details menu. I know there are some video players in the android market but they still don't compare to anything the ipod has.

    Why isn't there a date on the calendar icon? There really isn't a date anywhere on the homescreen unless you download an app or some widget. It just seems like a simple asthetic component that they left out.

    Does anyone else have issues with the alarm clock? I set my alarm at night and then I might listen to some music later that night. I unplug the headphones when I go to bed (yes the alarm is set correctly) and the next morning I don't hear the alarm (maybe I slept through it?) I set the alarm again to ten minutes later and it rings without a problem.

    I've also had issues when I leave the browser or the menu screen and return to the home screen to see nothing on it untill I slide the screen. Don't know if this is a glitch or something.

    I've heard around some other forums that the N1 has the ability to utilize FM radio? is this true? I've been looking for apps long and far that are able to stream the stations I am looking for and Flycast is the closest thing i've come to what i am looking for. That isn't saying that much because it's still doesn't make things as effortless as they could be.

    If I can think of anything else then I will add it, but the two first ones are what bug me the most. I know what you're thinking also.. why don't I just get the iphone if i'm looking for a media player? I do like the N1 a lot but I just think it could do so much more if it wanted to compete with apple. Apple has the advantage because they started with media players before they made cell phones so maybe google just has some catching up to do.

    Again I know a lot of these wants may be remedied by rooting the device but I just think that if we're paying so much for this phone it should come with some pretty awesome stock features too.

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    For music, I picked up Mixzing lite and it has the large album art as well as the ability to download the correct album art if you don't have it...does it with the music playing too!

    Videos have been covered by others, but I don't remember what they use.

    I will root my phone after the next update. From what I've heard it will speed up your phone and release all of the on board memory, of which only 1/3 is available with the original os. cyanogen is so much more than flashing colors from what I hear.

    I had issues with the alarm clock, and deleted all of my alarms. Started over, and no problems since. If that doesn't work try a factory reset.

    My only home screen issue is that it is a little offset when I first go back. It's fixed when I do a swipe.

    As for radio? I listen to NPR and use the NPR aps fine.

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