After 4 days review.

This is a discussion on After 4 days review. within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Well this is my second post, my 1st was my introduction and here is a link, . So a little further background like I ...

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Thread: After 4 days review.

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    After 4 days review.

    Well this is my second post, my 1st was my introduction and here is a link,

    So a little further background like I posted I have been a Mac user for over 10 years now, and am tied into the whole "i" world(tunes,photo) and have been a .mac now .me user since the day it was offered and was free. So I really won't go into the whole music/movie point of the Nexus and it is clearly trumped by the iphone for me

    For those who may not be aware the .Me allows the iphone to be connected to it's services the way the nexus, is to the Google, meaning that anything I do on my phone or computer automatically takes effect on the other device. Change/add a contact or calendar event it's there on the other device. Some other cool features are the find my phone and remote locking or swiping it clean.

    Alright now that that's out of the way, let me get to the review.

    I ordered the Nexus because I wanted to try something new and I kept hearing all these great things about the Nexus.

    The phone is a beautiful gadget, with a very nice screen and on the spec sheet it trumps the 3GS.

    The reality is that the phone is clunky, I know many will say rooting will fix all that, but the fact is I'm comparing a stock 3GS to a stock Nexus.

    The keyboard has been talked about, but my biggest gripe and I haven't heard it mentioned is that in portrait mode(where I do 90% of my typing), the darn space key is right above the Home key, and constantly while I am in the middle of typing something all of a sudden I'll be looking at the home screen, when I go back to my to the app, my text will still be there, so it's not horrible, but very annoying.

    Next will be the UI of the phone, it clearly isn't as smooth as the iphone, this goes for scrolling, multitouch and most of all activating items. I am constantly having to tap an app multiple times to get it to start, or tapping an input box to try and get the keyboard to appear. It just isn't polished.

    I have found comparing them side by side that even though the Nexus should be faster in actual use it isn't and many times seems slower, due to the laggy UI inputs as I stated above. Many times today I would need to take a pic only to have the camera not open, then when it did not want to take a pic for 10 seconds or more, or try switching between the camera and video, only to have that take 10 swipes and then sit there for another 10 seconds. Some other issue I am having is search constantly opening unwanted.

    I know that when switching devices there will be some differences in how things are done, but the cut n paste on the Nexus blows, it can not be used in email, and the way of selecting text is inaccurate and cannot be modified before it is copied. I never realized how great the magnifying glass was. Another little nit pick, but why can't this phone take screenshots?

    Now let me get to the screen, yes it is pretty, but collects every smudge known to man, and is almost useless outside. Today I was with my Son visiting a university and there many times, I could not see anything on the screen and it was overcast today. This has never been the case with any iphone I have owned in the last 3+ years.

    Apps, we all know the iphone has more, so that isn't an issue, but what is an issue is that any given app that is on both devices is almost always nicer/feature rich on the iphone, quick example the yelp app on the iphone allows you to do much more than the android version, as do many other of the other popular(facebook etc..) apps. Again I know some will say give it time, but the Android OS is not new and why should it be so much better on one platform than on another?

    Here are some things I love on the Android, the notification bar is awesome, so nice to have everything just be right there and accessible from anywhere. The ability to make it however you want.

    So in conclusion(LOL),

    I have decided to send it back and pop my sim card back into my iphone. While the Nexus has great potential, as of right now it really doesn't do anything better than my iphone and in many cases is very subpar to what I already have. I wanted to love it and did, until I had to really start using it in the world, that's when it reared it's ugly head on me.

    Oh 2 more things, the speakers are awful and WTF is the trackball for? Beside the LED notification.

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    I guess something I read a while back puts this into perspective. If you have already been a smartphone user then this phone really isn't the best thing since sliced bread and will have pro's and con's from the other similar devices.

    Myself, I am still enjoying the unrooted nexus one and am looking forward to their next update

    p.s every user has a beef with the speaker for music/video, it is tinny and sucks, moved to using headphones. The trackball is good for selecting things in confined spaces (web page items).

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    I am gonna try to make this reply short and sweet and by the way I do find several points of what you mentioned to be truthful.

    You have to understand and completely digest the fact that the Nexus One is a new device. Even though Android has been around for some time, the Nexus One comes with a a brand new version of the OS; Android 2.1. When the iPhone came out, it came out with a brand new OS as well and it had many many issues, mostly similar to what you mentioned above (keyboard, responsiveness, plus crashing very often which the Nexus One doesn't suffer from). Every new OS has its glitches, and we as consumers need to sit back and wait for Google to provide firmware updates (as Apple continuously did and still does) to fix and improve the phone's performance and add to its list of features.

    A lot of people here in this forum, including myself, can also tell you that they encountered problems or things they didn't like with their Nexus One but the same thing was happening when the iPhone 2G came out.

    Android is a continuously growing and developing platform that will keep getting better and better with every update. The problems you mentioned, most of them, can easily be fixed with firmware updates and I am sure Google/HTC are working on getting one out sometime in the coming months.

    Personally, I look at the advantages Android provides. The most important one is openness. Apple's extremely closed environment was imprisoning me with their products. Simple features that any other smartphone has was not included in the first, second and even third iPhone generation. Bluetooth is still extremely crippled, home screen customizations is not possible, using the phone as mass storage isn't possible, true multitasking isn't yet available. All these and more are possible with the Android platform and is presented beautifully on the Nexus One's new 2.1 Android OS.

    Everyone chooses his smartphone depending on how he/she uses it and expects from it. I find the iPhone lacks many features that any power user would expect (at least for myself) and that's why I decided to switch from it to a BlackBerry, and now to the Nexus One. A lot of people don't have high expectations from their smartphone and decide to stick with it for some of its unique features.

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    I agree with Rebel 100%

    After using the N1 for almost 2 weeks now I am back to the 3GS. What I like about the N1 are.
    1) screen
    2) GPS is much better then the iPhone with no lag
    3) Notification bar is great.
    4) data upload is faster
    5) Better camera

    What I didn't like
    1) Reception on the iphone is better then on the ATT N1
    2) Sluggishness in the OS.
    3) Media player is no where near the ipod. Puts gaps in song on continuos albums
    4) Touch screen is not as reliable as iPhone.
    5) EAS out of the box is unreliable at best and no calendar although Touchdown is ok.
    6) wifi doesn't stay connected in places where the 3GS does.

    At the end of the day I wanted something new and feel like I bought this phone for the wrong reasons. I think I will wait to see what iPhone 4.0 is or the new Samsung Galaxy.

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    This is a very solid, and intelligent thread....from start to finish and on both sides of the fence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by picassolsus View Post
    This is a very solid, and intelligent thread....from start to finish and on both sides of the fence.
    I hope so, my intention is not to bash the Nexus, I bought it knowing full well that it would not compare to my iphone on the "ipod" front, so that isn't a factor in my decision. I just wasn't ready for all the other issues I was having with it.

    I'll add some more points as last night when I posted I had just gotten home after leaving L.A. to Berkeley in the morning and coming back the same day, and was a little tired when I wrote my post.

    The Talk function on the Nexus is brilliant, it and the notification bar were almost enough to make me want to keep the Nexus, it really is that good. I rambled off some test sentences that were nonsense in nature and it got them with almost perfect translation, very impressed.

    The camera does take some nice pics, but I have become spoiled with the tap to focus feature, and didn't realize till I got home and downloaded my pics from the trip, that more than a few times moving people in the background were the focus point instead on the subject I wanted the phone to focus on. Yes I know it's a camera phone and if I was serious about photos, I would also have a dedicated camera with me, but these are selling points of these phones now.

    Oh and when I mentioned the speakers, I didn't mean the exterior speakers were awful for music, I meant the internal handset speaker where you listen, I could barely hear people on the phone, and for some odd reason the speakerphone seems to be directed out the back of the phone, so if you use it you can barely hear people unless you point the camera towards your face.

    I know it will get better and updates will fix things and apps will improve, but currently for me the nexus has way more cons, and that is why I decided to go back.

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    Good points, but I think the next major update with tons of fixes, revisions, and some new things, will be Android 3.0 OS. Should be out later this Summer or Fall. I bet that will finally resolve most of your issues, and there will be new phones out to go with 3.0. But the Nexus-One will also get the update as well.

    I would guess a Nexus-Two, or the DROID 2, with one of those due to be out by the end of the year, and will ship with Android 3.0, should really bring Android's polish, and smoothness up to par with the iPhone, and perhaps make it better than this Summer's iPhoneHD.

    Android just needs a little more love to get there. I think 3.0 should do the trick. No firm idea though when it will come out.

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    No surprise here.
    I think a large majority of people that enjoy their iPhone will NOT like the N1, because they really wont like any other phone. Every phone is different and when you are used to something and like it, your gonna miss it.

    Another important point is that alot of technology is patented, even the dumb stuff. So, it is not always easy to release a device and have features like others because you simply cannot make your technology do or act exactly the same because its patented.

    Im not with a carrier that has the iPhone, but my iPhone buddies seem to have their fair share of difficulties with reception, something I don't really have an issue with on T-Mobile, but I am in a major coverage are, so tmo has never been an issue, so I can't comment on coverage issues as that may be carrier specific.

    Speed? Really? It seems you didn't get adapted to the Android OS and therefore actual speed was slower because you commands didn't seem recognized? Because the speed of my phone is clear and evident to all my other smartphone friends.
    Apps, well thats a dev problem. Yes its been out for a while but until literally a few weeks ago there was issues with Android and paid for apps in MOST foreign countries. Most devs want a nice balance of free and paid apps cause they need to make some revinue. This has kept many at bay, others don't like the platform. This year is really the year with the N1 and some other outstanding Android phones coming out that will really bring the Android market in demand for apps. Yelp themselves probably don't make either app, maybe they do, but yes many apps are half assed and until there is a draw for something better it wont happen. However, this is a big year and currently Android users are 2nd to iPhone in internet and browsing, currently 50% of iPhone, but will be a much higher number by the end of the year.

    Android's real purpose was to really do alot of the opposite of the iphone, which is both good and bad. Google is trying to open an OS to be used on every cell network, not the one giving them the best deal or in contract, give everyone a user experience. Apple labels their phone as 1 phone for everyone, Android is labeled as a platform for every personality. You can see how open the phone is and the customization is really incredible.

    We would all love to pick and choose different things from different phones: iphone this, android that, blackberry this, palm that. Problem, everyone will want something different from each.
    No phone will be the "iPhone Killer", there may be a phone that gets more sales some day, but its not killing anything. I for one love that the iPhone will try harder because of the N1 and the way it is bringing Android. RIM will also change and get better. Palm may even pick up Android, but I am all for these other successful OS systems, this is the way competition works. Every iPhone user should burn some paper money to the Android gods for how good this OS is becoming. Without such a fierce competition Apple could very well be happy with mediocrity.
    Speaking of which, the 4G iPhone is coming soon and so should a new update for Android, as well as new phone debuts. Competition is awesome!

    sorry for the long post
    Nexus One and luvin it
    Rooted 5/6/2010
    Enomther 2.10.1 Froyo Release

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    Your views on the N1 mimic mine. Owning iPhone for 3 years has also diminished my ability to tolerate less than polished apps and OS's. This said the Nexus is very good and I am going to continue to use it for the next week or so. I'm still in my 14 days so at least I have the option to return it if I can't become converted. I explain the nexus to people by saying it's what the iPhone should be and it really is a great phone.

    Great write up.

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    I hope Google releases an update soon

    I have about 15 days left in CA. I think I will wait and see if Google comes out with an update. I would hate to send it back and then google release an update that fixes most of the bugs here.

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