Got my phone today problem

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Thread: Got my phone today problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndroidIsTheTruth View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jaeisber View Post
    Yeah, I saw that earlier today too. I can see how you can mistake it though. I dont know of another phone that has a second noise cancelling mic.

    The Motorola Backflip does, although there seems to be some software issues with the voice processor or the mic is over sensitive because I've had my girl constantly tell me she had problems hearing and it sound like I was talking into two mic because the feedback sounded like an echo. Yet when I talked on the speakerphone, there were no issues.

    I ended up taking it back just for that, along with the concerns of when or even if Motorola would spend the resources to upgrade to 2.1

    Which is why I'm here with my N1.
    You chose N1 over backflip. Wise choice my friend.

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    more like the backFLOP...lame, I know
    Bought the AT&T N1.

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    Personally I loved the Backflip. I think people are bashing it because of the "horror" stories about AT&T locking it down, which is not that locked down from my own experience. Had the call quality and 2.1 was more promising, I might had kept it. Backflip is more for social network. Motoblur was a very nice program featured on the phone.

    I don't at one bit regret the Backflip. BUT phone comes first before anything else. And I been wanting an Android, sooooooo.

    But don't get me wrong, I broke my promise to myself to never buy a AT&T branded phone, but I want an Android.

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