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This is a discussion on iPhone user considering the N1 within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by okcoolthnx I switched from an iPhone 3g to the Nexus One and haven't gone back since. There are about three apps I ...

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Thread: iPhone user considering the N1

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    Quote Originally Posted by okcoolthnx View Post
    I switched from an iPhone 3g to the Nexus One and haven't gone back since.

    There are about three apps I miss from my iPhone but that's it.

    The Nexus one has nearly double the resolution of the iPhone's screen.

    The AMOLED display blows the iPhone's out of the water.

    The Nexus one is WAY faster than the iPhone in almost everything including web browsing.

    Yes the touchscreen is slightly less accurate but also remember it's covering DOUBLE the resolution.

    The voice-to-text on the Nexus One destroys the iPhone.

    Multi-tasking, widgets, live wallpaper, support for 3rd party apps, 'nough said.

    The navigation on the Nexus One is superior that ANY navigation out there, including stand-alone devices.

    I could go on for hours....Just buy the damn N1 already!
    Damn it! Lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferben View Post
    ...it's like being single (Android), or settled in marriage (iPhone). :rofl3:

    Or in my case, I keep the wife (iPhone) at home, and go out with my mistress (Android)!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferben View Post
    However I think the N1 has gone to a new level with features the iphone simply hasn't got. I don't have to open an app to access the information I want. My calender, agenda, weather, news, daily Bible reading, personal photo's, music player (and playlists) one touch dialling to favourite contacts (and many other thing I don't use) all run on my home pages. And here's where it moves mobile information on; all these widgets update automatically and wirelessly. I don't have to plug my phone into my computer to update my agenda, it happen without hassle right onto my homescreen. Furthermore these services are free - and yes I did pay for mobile me and no its not worth it.

    Bottom line is that both the iphone and the N1 are great bits of kit, you won't notice many gains in function between either hardware as far as I can tell but the software has moved on from simply apps. Unfortunately the press just focus on the things that you can compare but the how can you compare widget on a N1 to nothing on the iphone? The N1 is in a different class to the iphone because it does things the iphone can't dream of doing, try to keep up apple!
    Thanks for such a detailed description this helped me greatly in my decision process

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