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The Google documentation states that with the Nexus One Car Dock attached, Bluetooth ear sets will not work. What about cars with built in Bluetooth telephone support? Is there a way to turn off the Car Dock's Bluetooth speakers in favor of more advanced features which come with many modern cars?

I have ordered the Car Dock, but may be facing buyer's remorse!
I am interested in this question as well. My new Infiniti M56S has built in bluetooth and I'd rather hear the call/music over the awesome 16 speaker Bose system instead the tiny stereo speakers on this car dock. I think it's a good feature, but an override is competely neccessary in today's day and age, IMO. Is there any way that you can link me to the car dock's documentation? I would appreciate it!
Yes it is possible to dock the N1 phone and send audio to a bluetooth car kit. All you have to do on the N1 phone is uncheck both options in the car dock audio settings. Then pair the phone with your car's built in bluetooth kit. I'm happily listening to Navigator voice prompts, music and phone calls over my Parrot MK6100 bluetooth car kit while my phone charges in my official Google car dock. My N1 phone remembers the settings too so I just have to dock and go.