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There are no prompts on my computer. I now have followed exactly as you have stated. I added one photo to my phone.
The notification bar says "Turn off USB storage", so I hit "Turn off" after that long message with a ! Turn off USB Storage window. Do you see this message as well when you unmount? And stlll no pictures in the gallery. Maybe there is something wrong with my phone? Or maybe I should do a restore?
I need another Mac user to assist you...afaik there should not be any write-back caching going on, and to copy/paste or drag/drop should be immediately executed. I would also recommend you grab Astro or ES File Explorer, which will allow you to see if the .jpg files got copied successfully after you disconnect.

edit: yes, I see the box you mention, I've always ignored the USB host, and selected 'Turn Off'...then the Nexus rescans (prepares) the db on the sdcard.