Opened it up to all androids rather than just the Nexus.

I thought it would be interesting to hear what things people are doing with their phones. Obviously phoning, web-browsing and playing games are going to be highly popular, but what else do you do, and what apps are you doing it with?


Using Android VNC I can control 3 PCs at home, a Mac Mini at home, and my Mom's PC. With the addition of a VNC connection I can also control my PC at work.

Using the browser I connect to my Series 1 TiVo and can control recordings (TiVoWeb) and using it's virtual remote control I can even use my phone as a remote.

Used GPS Speedo to verify my car speedometer. When I was doing 160mph it was actually only 155mph streaming music based on what it knows I like (a bit like Pandora in the states I guess).

TV Guide app that shows me what's on right now on all my channels.

Using Color Note to make notes of things to not forget.

Use ebuddy for MSN and AIM messaging.

Adobe Photoshop app for tweaking photos taken with the camera.

Favourite games: Air Control, Light Racer, Sudoku, Texas Holdem

Facebook app of course.

Ethereal interactive music/light show thing.

Daft Machine (daft punk soundboard)

Talking Parrot and Bubbles amuses my nieces.

and to keep all my wireless/phone/screen timeout settings right I use "Quick Settings" by Sergey somebody.