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Thread: Questions on the Nexus

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    Questions on the Nexus

    I've been in the smart phone game a while with Nokias, from the 7610, to the 6680, N80, N95 and now N97.

    N97 has finally got all its bugs worked out, if you don't count the random crashing and freezing, but it's got quite a lot of things I like.

    But Symbian is creaking. iPhone OS and Windows don't appeal to me, I think Android if it isn't already, will be huge. My gut feeling is that it's still got a way to go to compete with the feature rich N97.

    I thought I'd now post to see if either the HTC Desire or Nexus One support these:

    1) Video Recording - If so, what's the max length video you can record and what is the night time quality like?
    2) Onboard Memory - I hate memory cards, though I'll have to grab a 16 Gig if necessary. Im surprised no manufacturer has yet put either 16 or 32 gig on board like the iPhone or N97. I understand Evo may have 16 Gig. Any other rumoured phones for the future?
    3) USB Mass Storage Mode - I want to plug the phone in using a USB cable and automatically mount the memory like I can with my N97. I've heard of various issues including people needing to "mount the memory card on the phone" etc. Any issues, or will it work like I expect?
    4) A good SIP Client that integrates into the phones contacts allowing you to call them via a SIP server. This seemed a bit lacklustre in the past, but I understand SIPDroid now does this? Suppose you have to love the modular feature of Android.
    5) A usable and online sports tracker, like, erm, Sports Tracker for the Nokia.
    6) GPS Turn by Turn Navigation program - Google Maps is still in its infancy isn't it? Is there anything for the UK which people would swear by?
    7) DivX Playback - Is it possible?
    8) FaceBook/Twitter integration
    9) Exchange/OMA/ActiveSync Support
    10) Multiple POP3 Account Support
    11) Multiple WiFi Wireless Access Point support
    12) RSS Reader
    13) Music Player?

    600 phone is a bit expensive if it doesn't do what I would like it to, so I just wanted to see where Android is. From what I gather, I think it'll pretty much do all of this won't it.

    I know when I had a play with an HTC Hero last year it was good, but just lacked a little on UI in the Video Recording arena. I really want an android though.


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    1. i believe it records as much as your memory allows. quality is good. don't expect much in dark but if you have it rooted, you can make it so the camera flash stays on while recording, it helps.
    2. 512 mb on board i believe. n1 comes with 2 gb of microSD
    3. yes you can use it like a flash drive. plug usb, and an option pops up on the phone asking if you want to mount it. after that it just turns into a mass storage space pretty much.
    4. not sure
    5. I believe google has its own app for that, but i'm sure there are more in the market
    6. turn by turn directions by google is AMAZING. no need for any other map. don't make your judgement based on the iphone app made my google, it's completely different. Google just released their turn by turn for UK yesterday. So yes, you shouldn't have problems using there. though i don't know this in experience of course.
    7. i don't think n1 comes with divx natively but i never tried it. it wouldn't surprise me if there was an app for that though
    8. yes but facebook app kind of sucks right now, it gets updates often so it should catch up. your contacts get their pictures and status updates from facebook, which is pretty cool. twitter supposed to come with its own official client for android. also, these apps have widgets, which may make it easier to use and feel more integrated.
    9. not sure
    10. yes
    11. i believe you can save wifi profiles, so yes, but not 100% sure
    12. apps
    13. yes, but it needs an update which is rumored to be coming soon.

    I hope that helps a little

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    It does help, just need to know about 4 and 9.

    Oh and the other thing I just realised, need something with good audio quality for playing music. Is that the Nexus One?

    Just worked out that I can get 300 by selling my old N95 and N97... Might be on Android earlier than you think.

    Would you go with the Nexus One or the HTC Desire?

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