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jailbroken iphone LOL shut up fool

you have to jailbreak your Iphone to change your font you won the argument for us LOL
Can you see N1 all over iPhone forum? pmsl

Jealousy is a wonderful thing. If you can't afford the best, stick with second best!
It's got nothing to do with best or not, it's got to do with being willing to be a sheep, happy to follow the herd and go wherever the herd leader tells you to go, versus having the courage to tell the herd leader that what he orders isn't good enough for you and you refuse to be a member of the herd any longer.

If you have courage, follow what makes you happy even if it causes you to stray from the herd. If you decide that what makes you happy is to be a part of the herd, there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing courageous, of course, but nothing wrong. Be happy.