Possible to voice call and end calls via mic??

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Thread: Possible to voice call and end calls via mic??

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    This is great information! Thanks a lot!

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    No problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rioja View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by elvis1 View Post
    That would have been great! Thanks!

    I have mine, but I forgot them at my mother's place. Wont' get them back in like a month or so..
    Well, some interesting results!

    I can't comment on the music button features of the headset because I listen to streaming radio using the XiiiaLive app and neither headset works for controlling the app.

    First, I'm going to go by what features they list in the N1 Help docs about the factory headset Using the headset - Nexus One Help

    For an incoming call, press to answer.
    Factory - didn't work, I had to slide the green unlock bar onscreen to answer.
    Mine - press the headset button and it answers.

    During a phone call, press to mute or unmute the microphone.
    Factory - hard to use! Must have pressed a dozen times before I got the right "angle" for my presses to get it to work.
    Mine - works perfectly, just press/unpress the button for mute/unmute

    During a phone call, press & hold to hang up the call.
    Factory - works perfectly
    Mine - doesn't work. Thought it did, but nope. I now realize I usually don't hang-up at all. Once the other person hangs-up, the N1 automatically hangs up on its own. Otherwise you need to press the screen to hang up.

    As far as voice dialing goes, both work ok. You need to hold the Search button on the phone but can speak into the headset mic "Call Bob" and it works.

    One other thing I noticed is that my headset is about 3 times as loud as the factory one. I couldn't believe it. I know I keep the volume down low when using it but I almost blew my ears out when I went from factory headset to mine. LOL. There is a HUGE difference in volume. It's almost unbelievable.

    Overall, I would never use the factory headset for phone calls or my streaming music. I find it has poor sound quality, is far too quiet and is uncomfortable (I'm use to fit the in-ear buds now)

    I should also mention that I'm running Cyanogen's MOD. This *might* have an effect on my results, although I doubt it.
    incoming call i press the play button and it works 100%

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