Google Nav sent me to the wrong place!!

This is a discussion on Google Nav sent me to the wrong place!! within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by FlyingsCool Originally Posted by keyplyr Tip: Only use GPS for location. Do not use GPS & Network at the same time when ...

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Thread: Google Nav sent me to the wrong place!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingsCool View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by keyplyr View Post
    Tip: Only use GPS for location. Do not use GPS & Network at the same time when using Google Maps and Navigation.
    How come? I've never had a problem doing that.
    This comes as response from The Google Team:

    I don't think the implication was that having both Network and GPS activated for location would in all circumstances cause problems, only that it could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abolis View Post
    Okay so I've had my N1 for approximately 1 month now and for the most part I love the phone. However, yesterday I was driving to downtown Chicago for a meeting and I had N1 in my Gogle dock happily talking to my wife. I had the navigation on with the address as a parking garage in Chicago (I had a specific address because I wwas getting free parking). When I reached downtown the Nav informed me that the destination was reached and showed me a street level view of my destination. I pulled into the parking garage and realized that I was in the wrong place!! After they tried to collect six dollars and finally getting out of it I drove around the block again and once again the navigation gave me the wrong address. The real address was one block East!!! Anyone have this problem?
    Google Nav is pretty good, but sometimes it is less then perfect.

    What happened to you may have been an "urban canyon" problem (most likely, actually). In large metropolitan areas, like downtown Chicago, the GPS signals get blocked and reflected by the tall buildings.

    Any GPS Only type system will have the same problem. The in-vehicle system use other sensors to assist the GPS (like wheel speed and gyroscopes), so that even when those systems lose GPS, the can still do a good job (as long as it's not too long before GPS is restored).

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