Is It Possible to Simultaneously Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones?

This is a discussion on Is It Possible to Simultaneously Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; alright man i was in the same predicament as you and this is the only place i saw the question even asked so this is ...

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Thread: Is It Possible to Simultaneously Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones?

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    alright man i was in the same predicament as you and this is the only place i saw the question even asked so this is my suggestion. im replying to you since you are the OG of this question since 2010! i didnt even know how to type the query into google (at first, i was trying "bluetooth splitter"!). i havent tried this yet because it has been unnecessary so far and would be a bit of a splurge for me at the moment, but i think this can be done like so...

    if you were seated far away from each other

    1. play the dvd as usual and plug a "3.5mm MALE to FEMALE" audio splitter into the sound output of your tv (this costs $0.93 per listener)
    Name:  $T2eC16dHJHgFFl)TZFk8BSWikptujw~~60_35.JPG
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    2. get a "3.5mm bluetooth transmitter" and plug it into one of those female ports in the splitter above ($10.55 per listener)

    Name:  mY0yeyerBMT9WCWGScbVfYw.jpg
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    3. pair each transmitter to each listener's bluetooth headset. you may have to do this at different times and/or you might want to even pair them at different locations also (upstairs, basement, backyard, etc). usually you press that button until its blinking red & blue alternatively to put it into pairing mode.

    if the listeners were going to sit closer together in the room, they even have "3.5mm bluetooth receivers" on ebay for like $7-8 bucks and you could always run those to audio splitters and have each listener plug in multiple wired headphones into each spitter coming out of it. (the receivers look almost exactly like the transmitters and are a bit cheaper)

    you could probably get better quality if you get them from amazon or something but all of these prices are coming from ebay "buy it now" grouping and sorted by "lowest price". although the brand name ones i got from amazon for $30 looks EXACTLY like the unbranded ones from ebay for $10, so that makes me think theyre probably just as good if anyone wanted to spend the about $12 per listener to figure it out...i have no idea what the quality/price tradeoff is on all these devices and it may take a few weeks to come with ebay since theyre shipped from china...

    you might be able to even rig up something cool if you keep searching for those 3.5mm m-to-m / m-to-f / f-to-f connectors for less than $1 per piece and pairing them with splitters...i dont know how diluted the bluetooth input/output signals can handle/withstand...

    if anyone tries, will they reply and let me know if it works???
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    Looking for the same thing except the bluetooth headsets are motorcycle helmets. I'd like to have intercom and listen to music but I can pair only 1 helmet at a time. The helmets can pair to each other for intercom. My phone can pair to only 1 helmet for music. As a consequence, when my wife and I are riding, only 1 can listen to music and if we want intercom, no music for either of us. Any way to have intercom and music for both helmets?

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