Found this at XDA. Figured this might help reduce Double/Triple Threads over here...

To get good search results, start by formatting the keyword search correctly.

Enclose multiple words in a pair of quotes to search for that exact string of text.
Example searching for "gps turns off" with quotes returns only 13 results (at time of writing) while gps turns off without quotes maxes out at 500 results. Be aware, only results with an exact match will return. In this example, the phrase "gps turns itself off" will NOT match.

The asterisk '*' can be used at the end of a word in case the word could end with multiple spellings.
Example searching for reset* will return posts including the words: reset, resets, resetting, etc. Note: The Question Mark '?', another common wildcard, is not supported

Excludes (NOT):
Specify words that you know should not be related to your search by preceding them with the word NOT
Example searching for gps NOT tomtom will show all posts that include the word gps, but ignore any post with the word tomtom.
Boolean Operators (AND / OR):
Force specific words to exist without them being in any order with the use of AND, or force one of a few words to exist with OR.
Example searching for gps AND turns AND off will return any post with all 3 words, no matter their order or placement. Searching for gps OR turns OR off will return any post with 1 or more of those words. Note: By default, typing multiple words in without any surrounding quotes, or any operators will be treated as if each word is used with OR. In the example, gps OR turns OR off would be treated the same as searching for gps turns off.