So I ordered my Nexus One the other day and it was just on the heels of the announcement that the online store would be closing, so that night I decided that I'd try giving Customer Service a call just to ensure they'd be shipping it out to me.

So after like 30 seconds on hold (good job Google!, I used to spend like 30 minutes on hold with Rogers over the most minute details of my bill or phone, to the point that I actually decided that if the problem was under $30.00, I'd just suck it up). I was connected with Dan. Dan was great, he told me not to worry, it'd be getting sent out and they weren't shutting the doors leaving me without a phone (because if you read my intro thread and know about service providers in Canada, there really aren't a lot of top-tier Androids available (...Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible, Evo 4G all seem not to work or not be available for the company I'm going with).

So anyways after speaking with Dan about that he then proceeded to fill me in on the Nexus One forum (google's not this one), about the task killer to save battery time, about all the great apps and 3rd parties developing stuff for the phone and basically this 3 minute call turned into 15 minutes of enjoyable chat.

So I just wanted to mention that I had ironically one of the most enjoyable phone calls of the day, with someone I never expected. Kudos to Google and Dan of California.