This is a discussion on 2.2 FROYO's BLUETOOTH FUNCTIONS within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by dlff The two noteworthy bluetooth functions mentioned in the 2.2 Froyo press statement are: 1/ Voice dialling over bluetooth 2/ Contact sharing ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlff View Post
    The two noteworthy bluetooth functions mentioned in the 2.2 Froyo press statement are:
    1/ Voice dialling over bluetooth
    2/ Contact sharing over bluetooth
    No mention of file transferring ie. songs, photos, video clips etc etc via bluetooth.
    My question is since it is not mentioned, does it imply that file transferring is already possible with 2.1?
    Thank you.
    I just d/l Bluetooth File transfer from the Market for free and it works perfectly

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    I am having the same problems as N1David & ChrisM64NZ. I've tried 3 Bluetooth devices (a Visor Lite027 which worked fine for voice dialling on by Blackberry, a Nokia BH-102 and a mates old Parrot built-in system (not sure what version))
    With my main one (Visor Lite027) the unit beeps when I press the activation button, but nothing happens on the Nexus One.

    I can answer and end calls from the Bluetooth unit.

    I went from EPF30 to FRF91, but hopefully that should not make a difference.

    I don't mind buying another one, but don't want to if it's a problem with my phone. It appears the Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit - V3 from Mobilefun in the UK is compatible. Is anyone is using one of these successfully or has any suggestions as to what might be wrong?


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    I'm voice dialing with Jawbone classic. Very easy, no problems.

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    Froyo Bluetooth Stack no root

    Why oh why does HTC care if I unlock my boot loader? My Nexus One 2.2 FRF91 works great with voice command - one click with my RocketFish bluetooth headset. Voice recognition could be better... I'm looking at you Google.

    My concern is with my car dock. I bought the official Nexus One branded car nav charger, and it automatically pairs and routes audio services. Perhaps it is a fault of bluetooth in general, but I would rather have my calls routed to my bluetooth headset, and not the handsfree speakerphone provided by the official car dock. Any ideas? Keep a bluetooth pairing with 2 devices & route navigation (media audio?) to dock and call audio to headset? Doubtful. Maybe I'll disable the dock bluetooth?

    I read somewhere that HTC stuck an FM transmitter in the N1. If that is true, than it is theoretically possible to broadcast your Pandora to 88.1 FM ...wirelessly. My iPhone dock was a junk 14$ buy.com purchase that had charger and FM transmitter capability. I"m obviously just trying to recreate that same functionality with my new shiny (well, flat gray) Nexus One.

    Of course, perfect world, some enterprising young dev will have already written this perfect bluetooth stack & FM broadcasting app for the marketplace so I can just shell out some green.

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    Why don't you get to work, and rake IN the green instead of shelling it out?!?!

    And welcome to our humble community, too.

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    Plantronics blutooth and Froyo voice dialing

    Quote Originally Posted by N1David View Post
    I'm using a Plantronics bluetooth - it only has one button and bluetooth dialing does not work with it. I press the button and I hear a beep but nothing happens on my phone. If I open the voice dialing app on my phone and press the button on my bluetooth, I hear the beep but the phone is still in control. If I press the button twice the phone dials the last number I dialed.
    David. Hi. I'm new to the forum. Stumbled onto it trying to get more info on voice dialing. I have a Plantronics 520 bluetooth and the other day after I downloaded the Froyo update to my moto droid I accidentally activated the voice dialing upgrade (didn't even know it was part of Froyo). When tapping the button breifly once (hearing a short beep) the earpiece will hang up a call or toggle between calls (the latter function only works somtimes for me). Pressing and holding the button a bit longer will actuate the voice dialing on mine after a longer, low pitched boop. release immediately when the boop starts or momentarily the earpiece will shut down. I had to refine my contacts list to make all contacts consistent (I made them all first name; last name; home, work, mobile or main) so I could remember how to state the command (if you have multiple numbers for a contact the nice lady will ask which one you want but it's quicker if you include it in the initial command). Mine seems to work really well and is a huge benefit when calling while driving which I do most of the day. I'm glad to get this function back that I lost when switching to the droid for better email including PDF and jpeg docs which I can read on the go. I hope this works for you. You probably already figured it out though. I still haven't figured out how to consistently switch between calls, seems I just get lucky sometimes. any suggestions?

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