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I must say that I had my Apple Shock today.

My husband still has his iPod Touch, and he wanted to to add some new tunes to his music collection on the iPod. This is what we went through:

- Inserted white wire into USB port of computer
- Inserted other end in iPod
- Waited forever, iTunes booted up
- iTunes told us it wanted to install a new version + Quicktime
- We said "no thanks, not at this time, we just want to get on with it, thanks anyway"
- iTunes crashed as soon as it finished starting up
- Computer went bananas
- Rebooted computer
- Allowed iTunes to update 120 MB+, twiddled thumbs for almost 1 hour
- Switched on iPod
- Nothing happened
- *Removed white wire from iPod
- Inserted white wire in iPod
- Waited 5 minutes, iTunes showed iPod
- iTunes crashed
- Started again from *
- iTunes starts backup
- Waited 35 minutes for backup to finish
- iTunes informs us this iPod has not been attached to this computer before
- We remember having re´nstalled this computer a month ago
- We try to authorise iPod for this computer
- iTunes informs us we already authorised 5 computers
- Five minutes go by while we use nasty language
- Another 10 minutes go by searching the Internet how to deauthorize all computers
- We deauthorize all computers
- We authorize this computer
- iTunes tells us this iPod is not configured to use this computer
- We tell iTunes to transfer all purchases
- iTunes transfers all apps, 15 minutes go by while it copies them to the computer
- iTunes finishes transferring
- We go to the iPod settings, and select "Sync music"
- iTunes tells us this iPod is not configured to sync with this computer, would we like to delete all music that's on it
- We shout NO WAY!
- iTunes informs us that in that case, there is no way we can add new music, na na na na nooo nooo!
- We use rude language
- We decide to give in, ok, go ahead, delete the #$%#% music
- iTunes deletes music
- iTunes tells us it can't add all music to the iPod
- We tell iTunes to only add selected songs
- iTunes tells us it can't just select songs, or at least we are too dumb to know how
- We perform some black magic to add back the old tunes to iTunes
- We perform more black magic to add old tunes to iPod
- Ultimately, we manage to add NEW tunes to iPod
- Hubby faints when he realizes he wants to add some new videos as well.......

Sure the iPhone/iPod is fantastic... but let's not get started about the rest...

really? i love my ipod and my itunes? you using windows? its probably to blame.... at least partly

im an apple user/fanboy.... but i chose the nexusone over the iphone since it can do more.

the iphone still wins on simplicity and apps though. but overall android is for me... plus it gives people a choice on what phone to get (low end to high end).