Nexus One Bluetooth Limitations?

This is a discussion on Nexus One Bluetooth Limitations? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I've been tinkering with my phone/pc all day to try and accomplish a few things via Bluetooth and I think I'm starting to miss the ...

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Thread: Nexus One Bluetooth Limitations?

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    Nexus One Bluetooth Limitations?

    I've been tinkering with my phone/pc all day to try and accomplish a few things via Bluetooth and I think I'm starting to miss the point of BT altogether. There are two things I would like to do via Bluetooth.

    1. Use my PC to share my wifi connection over BT for my N1.

    2. Use my N1 as a mic/speaker for my computer (skype)

    In regards to my first issue, the building I'm living in currently has little to no cell phone reception at all (on both my Verizon and T-Mobile phones) so I can't rely on my data plan to accomplish anything. I have Froyo installed so I can let my phone receive the wifi signal and tether to accomplish the task, but I like options and less wires. It would be much more convenient to me if I could accomplish the same thing except my PC provide to the phone via Bluetooth.

    Lastly, with the second issue, my PC doesn't have a built in mic but I like to do Skype video chats with my daughter at night. So my routine as of now consists of calling my wife's cell phone (which doesn't have a speaker phone) and skyping her at the same time (muting my computer to avoid the echo). There's gotta be an easier way, and I figured I could essentially use my N1 as an overpriced bluetooth headset for my computer. If anyone could steer me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I looked at every thread on the forums with the word bluetooth and nothing would offer a solution.

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    Hmmmm I'm not 100% sure on either question. I haven't been able to get the Desktop Dock audio to work. My phone pairs with it but I don't seem to get any audio out. At any rate, what I've done it paired the phone directly to my computer so audio streams that way. Works just as well and I can still charge in the dock.

    I'm not sure if you can go the other way and use the N1 as a mic for Skype... don't see why not though. I have an icon on my Windows desktop that's "My Bluetooth Places". In there I can configure what services the computer supports, such as the audio client. Have you tried enabling things like the network sharing then repairing to the N1? It might make those services discoverable so the phone might pick up on them...

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    Well I reinstalled my bluetooth drivers and have a lot more services available. Unfortunately I can't get my phone to act as a headset because skype is waiting for a button press from what it expects to be a headset. I am able to hear my phone calls through my computers speakers now, so it appears I once again get exactly what I was hoping for. It's at least progress in my books. I can configure WAN, ethernet, and wifi all day long, but we don't use bluetooth at work so I never really had a chance to figure this whole thing out. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

    Oh and just to clarify with anyone else, the following three options are the only services listed as availible on my N1:

    Audio Source
    Headset Audio Gateway
    Object Push (Obex)

    I imagine that the audio source is for streaming audio from the phone to either headphones or a car headunit, headset audio gateway is for connecting headsets to the phone, and object push is file transfer. If I'm correct, then the problem lies on the phone and not my computer

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