I love my Nexus One, more and more every day. One of the apps I use the most is the talking GPS. I travel on business, use it around town at home, and to be honest......well, I'm "directionally challenged".

When I'm driving I have struggled with hearing the GPS voice through the relatively quiet speakerphone speaker built into the N1. So I have purchased a bluetooth headset (Plantronics 855) and just this past week a Motorola T505 speakerphone that clips to my sun visor. Both work VERY well, and now I can hear the GPS easily. I HIGHLY recommend the T505...works great!

Now my problem....

I am having a problem with receiving a phone call while I'm running the GPS. When I am using the GPS instructions through the built in speakerphone on back of the N1 and receive a call, every time the GPS gives an instruction the N1 mutes the call long enough for the GPS voice to give the instruction then returns to the call. (in other words I can be on a call and still hear the instructions) BUT, when I'm using the Plantronics headset or the Motorola speakerphone I can hear everything the GPS voice is saying until I receive a phone call. I can answer the call and talk, but for as long as I'm on the call the GPS voice "disappears"....the N1's screen continues to display the real time map accurately, but there is no GPS voice instructions during the entire call. Once I end the call the GPS voice comes back on immediately.

I know the N1 can give "priority" to the GPS voice, because it does it when I'm using the phone against my head (as a passenger, not as a driver) and when I'm using the built-in speakerphone. I really need it to do the same thing when I'm using an external device for voice instructions.

What setting(s) do I have to change to get the N1 to give the same priority to the bluetooth devices? I have read through the manuals for both devices but there's nothing there. I've been through the N1's manual without success....

Can anyone offer any suggestions or help??

Thanks, as always, folks!!!