Hey, Original 2.2 Manual Updaters----

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Thread: Hey, Original 2.2 Manual Updaters----

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    I'd do it again, no problem here.

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    I'm skeptical this was a 2.2 issue, but my phone treated all incoming calls as unknown callers. The problem was brought up on the Google Voice forums, but I never had issues until I manually updated. I'd still do it again, tethering/hotspots are good times, and I have one app updated so far that let's me move it to the SD card. Only 30 or so to go!

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    I also heard you now have voice dialing to the N1's contact list. But, I have a BlueAnt Q1 that has built in VAD prompts. Some are pre-programmed like Home, Office, etc. The rest you program yourself and just say call Speed Dial 6. I don't think that still works on the N1 even with 2.2. It did on my BB 8900. A Shame!. But, I thought someone said it works that way on their BlueAnt Q1.

    Anyone have these headsets?

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    I just wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing it again. I had a few glitches with certain apps, but the devs on the whole were very quick at updating to support froyo. All of the things that I need worked just fine and the os build is just much better than 2.1. So yes, when version 3.0 leaks towards the end of the year I will feel compelled to jump on it immediately.

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    yes i would as i've no problems with my n1 that i can find/see

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    This is an easy answer. The benefits of 2.2 far outweighs the 'official' 2.1. Yes, I'd do it again.

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    I would do it again. The only issue i have, which isnt a big deal, is that a couple of apps that i paid for are gone, like weatherbug elite but im sure that will be fixed when the ota is released

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugmankc View Post
    ----would you do it again?

    Looking for feedback from those that manually updated to 2.2 over two weeks ago. A lot of people seemed to do OK, some did not. I am stock N1 bought from Google Store running ERE27 on CBW. Had to select TMO 3G as carrier choice when I bought. I downloaded the update and saved to SD Card as "update" no .zip, has "passion" in link name. Other than that forgot where I downloaded from. Have done nothing since then and like a lot of others tired of waiting and know from Google employee posts, I will still get the OTA when it comes out.

    I would like to know from any of you if you would do it again, since I read that some had problems only after several days after the update. Am aware of the bugs even though most, like I said, posted no problems at all.

    Part of me says wait, it can't be that much longer. The other part says go ahead, you can always factory reset and reload. I use MyBackUp for apps and data.

    Looking to see what percentage of responses are positive.

    Any advice?

    Well I can tell you that a factory reset won't remove the 2.2 cause I tried it already after noticing some apps missing that i paid for, but I spoke wit a nexus care specialist and she informed me that those who manually downloaded froyo will still get the OTA update because the downloadable version is just a test run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugmankc View Post
    ----would you do it again?
    Heck yes! I love Froyo... battery life has increased by 300% and I'm not exaggerating. So many new features almost make Froyo perfect... I can see why some people won't even consider rooting.

    ONLY thing holding me back right now is a few apps, also I don't like Froyo's implementation of Apps2SD.

    I have been swapping back and forth between Froyo and CyanogenMod 5.0.8 test 5 (both use the Froyo radio now)... it's a tough call. I'd recommend you try them both :D
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    This one is easy.

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