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Thread: Nexus vs Iphone4

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    Nexus vs Iphone4

    From iPhone 4 vs. Google?s Nexus One

    "When it comes to smart phones – the market is flooded. But if you’re interested in a touch-screen your options shrink to two. You can choose Apple’s choice the Iphone 4 – an astonishing piece of engineering and design, or the Google’s Nexus One, positioned as the sign of innovation among Android handsets
    The Iphone 4 most remarkable feature is definitely its design. Available in black or white, with front and back panels that made of aluminosilicate glass and stripes of stainless steel which function as antenna – the Iphone 4 is the hottest toy in town. It offers you better camera quality, with 5-megapixel back-illuminated sensor. 720p high-definition recording at 30 frames per second allows you to take high-qualify video, which can be edited directly at your phone. You can even have video chat with other iphone 4 owners, due to its front-facing camera. Your battery time would be longer – seven talk hours.
    The only problem with iphone 4 is that it doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash, so you might have problems display some Web pages properly.
    So if you have to have the latest Apple products and you have extra 199$ – iphone 4 is for you.

    Google’s Android has made massive improvements since the G1 was first released. With a friendly cost price of 179$, The Nexus One offers not only improved battery of seven hours of talk and smooth, high-qualify camera, but also typing tricks such as auto-complete suggestions when typing and even dictation feature. Don’t feel like typing? No problem. By using the transcription feature you can dictate any text you want. The accuracy is about 90% and may spare your precious time. The biggest virtue of Nexus One is definitely the way which consumers can buy their cell phones – directly from Google. Users can use the phone with any wireless provider, because the phone is unlocked.

    Both devices, iPhone 4 and Google’s Nexus One are probably the top two touch screen phones out there, while iPhone 4 must be the better one out of the two giving owners a better package that includes more features and higher quality of assembles. Google’s Nexus One gives a good fight to iPhone 4 but at the end of the day they will need to improve to match the iPhone 4."

    I hate the constant comparisons but people keep making them. In the end the article gives the nod to the iphone but says the nexus puts up a good fight. All this left me with a couple questions.

    1) A lot of publications want to keep calling the Nexus a failure but than every single phone is compared against it?

    2) With that being is compared against the iphone4? A phone that is six months younger than the nexus and it still barely gets the nod?

    Maybe the Nexus really is the benchmark against which all phones are still judged and maybe it is aging a lot more gracefully than anyone could have imagined.

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    Re: Nexus vs Iphone4

    I believe the NexusOne ages well though apples marketing is so good that the iphone remains the top phone in the eyes of consumers

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    sick of the comparisons to be honest

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    I've owned and iPhone 3GS and still prefer the Nexus One. Apple will still constrain the consumer as Android based phones give more freedom.

    The Nexus One is capable of shooting 720p video and just lacks the front facing camera which would be no benefit to myself. Yes, it's a cool feature for the iPhone 4, but it's a feature that isn't an "OMG I WANT" factor.

    However, I do like the iMovie app for the new iPhone OS 4.0... Nothing attracts more than in-phone video editing with transitions, able to add music and photos to your video, and set a theme. <--- That app or addition simply attracts me, but IMO Nexus One is still a better choice.

    Freedom > Apple Constraints...

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    Honestly, I miss my iPhone. I don't care enough to bother with changing phones again, though. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

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    Here we go again.........
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    i think the iPhone 3GS also got the nod when nexus came out. Noone but an android place is going to actually give the nod to another phone without it winning by a long shot otherwise they are gonna get a mailbox full of fanboy hate mail.

    Its like fighting the champion in his own town with a corrupt referee, you have to flat out knock him out, the judges wont score it in your favor.
    But it doesn't matter because if a phone with high def, multi finger touch, 9gig processor, fastestest ever everything, does everything, the apple guys will still say "iPhone wins cause the UI is better!"
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    Couldn't put it better than that m8, its all in the ui

    Quote Originally Posted by dimmakherbs View Post
    But it doesn't matter because if a phone with high def, multi finger touch, 9gig processor, fastestest ever everything, does everything, the apple guys will still say "iPhone wins cause the UI is better!"

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    I'm not sure if that article was written by a child, but the grammar was very reminiscent of my elementary school years. Which as an adult, reading it made me feel like I was in a room full of Gilbert Gottfried's. :S

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    Once 2.2 is released nexus will match up better. The iphonne just now stepping up to the nexus level with processor and camera almost identical. The resolution on the nexus is still 10 times better then the new iPhone in my oppinion iPhone is the God father of the smart phones its the one that started the innovations because its the first no matter what people will still say there is nothing better. I look at it like this iPhone is like the 2009 colts looks good wins every game real flashy but in the big game the saints (NEXUS) come in and wins it but everyone still says the colts should have won but when it comes down to it just to outdated and lacks true innovation and creativity. Just my 2 cents.
    Iphone has an app for that.......Nexus does not need apps its already perfect

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