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Thread: Yahoo Email

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    Quote Originally Posted by eric0668 View Post
    Imap deletes it automatically -- I could change to that you said, right? (but why do that. I have the setting set to delete off both, and someone told me in a PM that imap does it automatically I'd be putting in an extra step. correct?)...
    If you just want your mails to be synchronized with server, you can use IMAP, so when you delete a mail from your phone, it will be deleted from server also.

    Quote Originally Posted by eric0668 View Post
    Also it seems that because the mail pulls it NOT PUSH like the Blackberry (BB) that the mail on the puter I look at for the first time is NOT highlighted...unless I get to it first on the puter.

    When I had push, regardless of whether I got to it before I got to it on the phone or it was pushed on the phone, it was always highlighted black.

    Is there a way to keep it highlighted DARK black until I read it on the computer in yahoo Mail

    Thanks Promo et al
    I couldn't get exactly what you mean but with IMAP if you read an email from your device, its status will be "read" (so, not Dark Black ) on every email client, on your computer, too. If you use POP3 and choose "Delete from server" option that I mentioned before, on Nexus, it will behave same with IMAP.

    You have to choose "Never" option on Nexus to make it behave like you wish.Thus, even if you read an email from your phone, its status will be "unread" ( Dark Black ) on your computer, but with this, you will loose deletion synchronization with server. It's a trade off...

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    1. Why would I wanna choose IMAP and have it behave that way when I have pop3 (paid) and I already at the beginning of post when I was told to change setting to erase from server and it will do so along with the phone

    They are one in the same, correct?

    2. Even if I dont read it, with the setting I have it on, whatever one it is, if it gets pulled to the N1 before I get to it on the puter, it is greyed out. So basically I cannot have my cake and eat it too. Either it gets grey, thus indicating both the server and phone are on the same page (will delete both the same time) OR I uncheck that box and it will remain black until I get to it

    I get it. thanks

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