Samsung is crap! I tried my friend's Galaxy Spica, its totally the WORST touch screen I've EVER tried!!! I was browsing the market to find an application for him and I clicked every fifth app! And the phone sucks too, the OS looks crap and is BORING!
I saw a boy on around 12 years in the store, he was buying Samsung Galaxy Spica, I wanted to go tell him that he should buy a HTC phone instead.

To the point of this topic, Samsung is crap like Motorola and makes new phones all the time. I don't see why they sell so many devices, Samsung is miserable.

And what the topic said, why not Nexus One for all the carriers, I think it is because It's Google's first phone, maybe they didn't knew much about selling devices, it's also the first thing they ever sell, all other is free(youtube, google, chrome, buzz...etc)