Google CEO: Nexus Ond was so successful we dont need a Nexus Two

This is a discussion on Google CEO: Nexus Ond was so successful we dont need a Nexus Two within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I wanted a Nexus Two to get a larger screen. One without SenseUI or Moto or whatever....

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Thread: Google CEO: Nexus Ond was so successful we dont need a Nexus Two

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    I wanted a Nexus Two to get a larger screen. One without SenseUI or Moto or whatever.

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    Guys, if there was going to be an N2 for Gingerbread, it would already be in development.

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    i personally liked this announcement . if a phone has best specs and looks in the market, then they should just concentrate on periodic updates to improve the phone further.
    i dont want to buy a phone and find out in 6 months , the same manufacturer has released a similar phone with additional features.
    iphone users will be feeling this way all the while .. 3gs was released last year and now iphone 4 , ppl will be surely pissed.
    way to go google ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBLmobileG1 View Post
    This is GREAT news to me. Sorry for all the people who are sad over this... but I don't really want to end up with a $500+ outdated device right after getting it. This is one reason why I left my G1 and moved onto the Nexus One... because I knew Google would continue to update it so long as its hardware could handle the O/S (which we all know the Nexus One still has some impressive specs to this day)... and so far it looks like its very possible Gingerbread would run on the Nexus One without any problems (atleast when it comes to required specs). I mean WHAT is wrong with your Nexus One that you want a Nexus Two? I could understand if it wasn't able to handle the latest and greatest updates and O/S. Its still a quality built and very sexy piece of hardware. Plus... if Google released a Nexus Two that would pretty much make the first one a failure because its still being released in other countries with a possible rumor that Tmobile will carry it in the US. And a newer version would also more than likely cause it to not recieve the latest and greatest updates first like it has been.... now would you want that? I really can't see them improving and making a better phone anyways... atleast one that would continue to have a good battery life and have even better specs. Sure they could throw in a faster processor (2Ghz) and a better camera (10MP). A 1Ghz is still plenty fast for a mobile phone not to mention a 5MP camera that actually takes good photos. Seriously... why would you want a higher MP camera on a phone? Are you going to be blowing up and making poster size pictures? If anything... I would rather have a zoom feature than more mega pixels... which could probably be done with software. So... before you get all sad.... why not be happy with what you have now (its still a killer phone) and save that extra money that you evidently have? Lets all help sell the Nexus One and get the word out how great it is... not hope that there will be a Two. Because then there will be a Three and a Four probably every year to follow... and who in the heck really wants that?
    Definitely True. I do not regret buying my N1. It is better still than the iPhone 4 except a front faced camera which I am not too concerbed about.

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