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I have to disagree with these guys. I'm a former blackberry/iphone user and this phone is the worst. Sensitivity is not that great and the buttons are too narrow for my fingers. I was able to touch type the other phones with little typos, but with this phone its a disaster. I also get this problem with the delete and return key when trying to delete a few letters, it registers the backspace and a return so it ends up skipping a whole mess of lines. smart keyboard with the iphone skin kind of helped, but still not to my liking.

You make it out as if texting on the Nexus One is a disaster period. Yes, you bump other keys... but that is with most touch screen phones. A physical keyboard is obviously better.

The iPhone's keyboard is bigger thus reducing the chance to mistype. With 2.2 the sensitivity is probably the same as all top touch screen phones. There is no difference with sensitivity from the Nexus One keyboard versus my old iPhone 3GS.

At times with 2.1 it would be laggy. At times with 2.1 sensitivity issues arose. At time, you will bump other keys. However, with 2.2 , texting is the same as the iPhone minus the minimal size reduction of keys.

We all have our opinions, but regarding the Nexus One texting, you make it out to be absolutely horrible and irritating, in which it is not.
I have to agree with raccord I have areal problem with the delete key on my nexus one when texting. The iphone keyboard because of the slightly larger size and space between the keys is easier, for me to use. Are the Nexus one alternative keyboards larger?