Like many other folks, I too have found that while using the speakerphone, the other party is not able to listen to my voice clearly.

However, I have been trying using the back microphone while using the phone in speaker mode, and I have not had any complaints.

Can anyone confirm this for me? That is, does the call quality from your side appear better to the receiving side, when you use the microphone at the back?

If this is true, it can actually makes sense from an usability point of view. In speakerphone mode you face the back of the phone. So the output of the speaker is clear to you and the microphone is also well positioned for you to speak into.

- Sandip

P.S. Just got a bit curious about this when I saw this debug message in some android code "LOGI("Routing audio to Speakerphone with back mic\n");" Git - platform/hardware/msm7k.git/blob - libaudio-qsd8k/AudioHardware.cpp