Nexus One...I finally came back.

This is a discussion on Nexus One...I finally came back. within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I take no offense to it at all. In person, I try to watch who I tell what. but in general, I believe and was ...

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Thread: Nexus One...I finally came back.

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    I take no offense to it at all. In person, I try to watch who I tell what. but in general, I believe and was taught to basically take risks with people. I guess I shouldl with this phone and worry less about money

    I worry a lot, maybe because of a lot of things. Some other things.

    Thanks to both of you so far for helping

    I do have the samsung vibrant, I believe i put it in my other post, I was gonna keep the Nexus-- treat myself since I love phones. Then I heard an hour later bout the stopping selling issue and I was gonna stop. my friend in mgmt told me I could call with the tracking number and stop it from being sent out

    Well, the issue of keeping it alone, is almost gone. If I decided to treat myself and push back my new mattress to next month, I should just do that since this issue came up and I am not certain about having it alone, OR maybe I am after what you sasid about the OS support and the forum and still getting updates. It can STILL be the best DROID phone in a year or two can't it

    so I will probably keep the Samsung Vibrant and the Nexus. out of curiosity, what can I do with two phones. ITs been years since I worked for a phone company, but you pros prolly know a lot. without having alot of money, what can I do...

    1. Use as an mp3 player (for example)
    2. Add a line on (I don't wanna change my loyalty plan) get cheapest plan have two numbers

    Those were examples. can I do those and what are the best things I can do?

    So to conclude, I read a review in MobileBurn by Michael Oryl and I thought it was cool that the phone I was so worried about keeping up with the rest, the Samsung Vibrant, is keeping up with the rest. It got a 4.0 and the X got a 4.0. so a Very good as opposed to Excellent, by that .1 it was based on form. he said the phone was very vey nice looking, but in comparing, he liked the solidness of the X more. And that is the basic area where the Vibrant lost. It crushed in the Apps, browser (Speaking of which, has anyone seen this ? Might someone know droid enough or Sammsung UI to tell me where in the Web browser i an find Bookmarks. I could add them, but cant find where they are listed) And my point is that it was only .1 lower but because of it getting a lower score in the internal antannae and connection compared to the X. But it said, if this was fixed with a firmware update THE SAMSUNG VIBRANT wold be his best choice in Droid phones in that market of 4.0" and greater. Nice to see that he didn't put one in a category below, because there arent many and especially with Froyo it has to be Nexus

    So if i kept both, I would have two of the best.

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    You guys/gals (I didnt see or look)to see your profile, are too kind. Maybe I am just not used to finding peope too kind like you..that could contribute to me being anxious.

    I have to say, I had a long long post ready to post. I cut it up. It had some personal stuff in it. I know I could trust you guys. besides I dont know you. But I said , no, I won't do it. But you have made me feel kewl about being me, even tho it is better to be otherwise. It makes change easier probably

    If there is a way...u guys know this site more than i. put me in your favorites and check on me even if to say hi, next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eric0668 View Post
    Thanks Sheanzy...a TON

    If my post(s)didn' ttell you, I worry bout a lot of crap like that
    I just want things perfect all the time

    So I was told by my manager friend at Google Nexus that support will last only 90 days . Is that true?

    That may be a little short?
    Try going back to your manager friend at google and ask him and report back.
    Do you trust your friend?

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    I think I can. But I am not sure how much he. Knows

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