Any one buying an extra?

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Thread: Any one buying an extra?

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    Any one buying an extra?

    Played with the Droid X and also with the Incredible before it. They are OK but there is no comparison in my humble opinion. Also the blank look on the sales guy's face when I say that I travel to Europe or SA once a month to twice a month. Verizon has no Android based phone that will allow dual system (GSM/CDMA) functionality? So.................

    I just bought a second Nexus for one mine dies. Any one else doing this?

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    I have definitely considered buying a second N1. It's amazing that so many phones have been released this year and almost all of them have been compared to the nexus. I'm considering two phones right now, a second N1, and the Galaxy S. I may just wait and see if some of the dual core phones come out later this year. T mobile HSPA+ phones are also in the pipeline within the next couple of months. So right now I would buy a second N1 but if you can hold off for a couple of months I would wait and see what comes out.

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    I'm still considering the nokia n8 just because I have always been a huge fan of the company's phones. This phone will always stay with me. Never letting this one go. I really do hope however that there is a nexus 2. I really hate subsidized phones. Look at all the fiasco just for the subsidized phones to get 2.1, let alone 2.2.

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    I am looking to buy a second one in September. They will probably be out by then, but I am definitely looking for a second unit.

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    I'm seriously thinking about buying another one too. I originally thought about buying warranty protection from Squaretrade, but with this recent development that Google wil no longer sell N1's after this last batch that they received, I doubt I would get a new N1 from Squaretrade if something happened to my phone...

    But I wonder if this phone will have any value as a collector's item...

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    Not another Nexus one... I came from the Nokia N900 which is now my secondary phone. I moved over as the battery life on the N900 is terrible and there is little development on it.

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