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Thread: Need something positive to read

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    Need something positive to read

    To much negativity and people who love the phone suddenly ready to jump boat. Understandable cool, whatever. Not every phone live long in the smartphone boom.

    So with that being said. I have had my phone since I don't know April or so now, and still cannot put this phone down since the first day I had it. This has truly been these best phone I have ever own. My first HTC and my first Android and think that this may be the OS I will stay with unless Meego can do something to just WOW me with a Nokia phone, my first love.

    I know Super AMOLED is out, but I simply cannot get over how vibrant and lovely the AMOLED is on this phone. Seeing the live wallpaper by my co worker makes them jealous.

    I'm am in love with being able to have Flash back on my phone since Sky Fire Nokia days. I hope that it only gets better as there are a full bugs that still has to be worked out on, but is ran fairly clean. My battery life last me all day and then some, even though I have tons of things running in the background. It does very good to conserve battery life.

    Here are some of my favorite apps on my N1

    Paid Apps (Cause I support the hard work these dev do to make my phone great)

    White Noise
    Personal Assistance
    Camero 360 Pro
    Astro Pro
    LogMeIn (no longer beta)
    Beautiful Widget
    LauncherPro Plus
    Power Widget
    Act 1 Video Player

    Free Apps
    Grocery IQ
    Barcode Reader
    Blink LED
    Run Keeper

    Favorite Wallpapers

    aniPet Aquarium (truly elegant display)
    Aquarium Donation
    City At Night
    Silhouette Donation

    Waves Wallpaper
    Mario Live (cause I'm SNES old school)
    Luminescent Jungle

    Favorite Games

    Super KO Boxing
    Skies of Glory
    Raging Thunder2

    Let's Golf

    I do have more apps, but there are the ones I feel give my phone life. SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DEVELOPERS.

    Have a nice day.

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    I read your post with "Oh Beautiful" playing in my head. We said!
    I too can't put my N1 down.
    I still remember when I first turned it on. Oh N1! You had me at :nexusx:. You had me at :nexusx:
    Come here little sheep; I have a nice juicy apple for you!

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    I cannot put my Nexus One down as well. I too, go my Nexus sometime in April. Since then, I have not been able to put it down. It's features and fluidity amazes me. For me, fluidity and ease is something I was looking for when switching from the iPhone 3GS, which was veryyyyy smooth.

    I got all that and more when I switched. I am stuck on AT&T for another year, so I'm not accessible to the baddest Android phones on the market *cough* Verizon. So, I will be stuck with my Nexus for awhile and if my warranty persists, I will enjoy every damn minute of it! =)

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    I agree Google overestimated it's MARKETING prowess in pricing, placing and promoting
    the N1 and was unable to "Change the Market dynamic"


    Please DO NOT understimate the TECHNLOGICAL prowess of either the N1 or the engineers who designed it....

    If Google understands anything it is LONG TAIL EVOLUTION

    So I don't worry about N1 becoming redundant atleast for the next 5 years...

    Keep the Faith...

    God & Google Know!

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    Great post! I don't know why everyone is so quick to start slamming this great phone. Like you, I still am enjoying this phone to the max. It does everything I want from a phone and more. I still find apps here and there that amaze me with how useful they make my life.

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    I too dont mind paying for apps because the devs are very talented and dont mind be honest...I had some issues with relationship or the nonexistence of relationships between Google and phone carriers, but in the end the good certainly outweighs the bad...I have never had a phone that made it so easy to switch ROMs and voila you got a whole new phone. With all the new phones maybe better specs, BUT the casing is horribly bulky compared to the N1 and the feel of it in your hand lets you know you have a spectacular piece of hardware...the softkeys and the multicolor trackball are useful and provide variety for an aesthetically pleasing experience handling the phone.
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    I've been an Nexus One owner since March, and was turned on to it by a former gf who worked for Google, and got an employee version in December. I love this phone. It's very sleek in design, although I have the Seidio 3200mAh battery and case as I use this up to 20 hours some days, but that added bulk actually makes it easier for me to hold. Although many people have talked about problems with the N1's, I've yet to encounter anything (strike that, the speaker volume severely lacks)

    My co-workers have come to me to get information about the Android OS platform, and it's great to be able to show them the capabilities of this phone. There are at least 6 converts to Android now at my work (2 from iPhone) and all have rave reviews for each device on how easy and useful their phones are. (2 Droids, 1 Incredible, 1 EVO, 2 Vibrants). Most didn't even know about the Android OS until I had showed them my N1, and so now I'm feeling like the King Android as I get to show them what 2.2 has in store for them when it reaches their machine. Other than the 2 Droids, the rest have their own additional software on top of 2.1, and it actually makes them look and feel cluttered, as noted when I was helping the 2 Vibrant users get their GPS issues corrected yesterday. That's a huge selling point for me, as I don't like all the clutter, I want functionality and ease of use.

    Other than really liking the Super AMOLED on the Vibrants, I like every aspect of this phone. I also like that it's a developers phone. When a developer has a specific piece of hardware, they tend to utilize the functions of that hardware to it's fullest, and as such we're seeing tons of great new applications coming out for Android OS, and the mods from those like Cyanogen & Modaco to name a few that push the capabilities of this phone. I'm seriously looking into starting to develop for this platform myself, as I've had lots of great ideas for useful applications for my work and industry.

    In the future, I'm looking forward to what Gingerbread 3.0 will bring to our beloved N1's, and as Google's only flagship phone, we'll see it first, and when the time comes to retire my N1, It will have lived a full useful (overused) life (and I can probably sell it for more than I bought it for). BTW, if Google were to commission an N2, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. :nexusx:x2

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    I forgot all about the Seidio 3200mAh battery.

    Thanks for reminding me. I take it you'd say it's well worth the $70 or so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo13 View Post
    I forgot all about the Seidio 3200mAh battery.

    Thanks for reminding me. I take it you'd say it's well worth the $70 or so?
    For a power user, I'd recommend it. I'd like the replacement back case to be a little more sturdy though, but this battery has been used and abused daily since I got it in March and never have I had a problem with it. You won't be able to use a phone protector with it though, so don't drop it. It is possible to fully drain this battery within a day, but everything has to be turned on, full brightness, youtube videos, web surfing, online music, games, and that'll get you only about 8 hours of use. LOL. :nexusx:

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhoneSlayer View Post
    Oh N1! You had me at :nexusx:. You had me at :nexusx:
    Ha ha, best quote ever! :D

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