I just realized when I hit contacts to be displayed: phone, sim, phone, accounts..

That I only have my Google contacts being displayed...as it should be

Yet when I goto my copy to sim app it says I have 295 contnactss on my phone. I also know there are some on the phone because of two other reasons - I know because it wouldn't work until I got them in the past, that speed dial wouldn't work until they were on the phone, 90% sure off, but 100% sure that I couldn't set up assigned ringtones until they were on the phone

So they are somewhere hidden on the phone. I don't know if I should't have done this, but I was instructed to do this for another problem-I went in to contacts and hit "clear defaults"

I also double checked because under "display" all of phone, sim, accounts, and google are displayed. There are only Google contacts listed. I went thru and cleared all llinked accounts last night. when I go into each, theree are ZERO linked accounts

Thanks. Thanks for being the best place to come

1. As an aside, is that the best app to get for that, copy to sim. It works great, and is free. contacts2sim but it did not do it all on the free version AND on the paid it did not do it at all. It said, turn on then off the plane settting ... still nothing

2. As an informal ?/survery, do most of you who are senior members, do you normally try to not buy paid apps...under the belief that there is usually one as good or better paid. I believe I spoke to a Nexus One support guy who hadt hat belief.

Thanks so all as usual for your support