Replace my laptop with N1?

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Thread: Replace my laptop with N1?

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    Sounds like a candidate for a Ipad IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sn0warmy View Post
    Everyone has different needs. But IMO there is no way a smart phone could replace an entire laptop.

    Today's smart phone cannot efficiently do the following:
    - web site design
    - graphic design
    - manipulate data in Excel/Word/Powerpoint
    - game with high end graphics
    - full scale video or music editing
    - software creation
    the point the OP is making that for all the things he needs he can do with his N1.

    I myself included, I have a work laptop, just recently sold my macbook, and my gaming desktop is lacking a 1200w PSU.

    I have been using my N1 for most of my "computing needs" and it hasn't been a problem. (web surf, twitter, tumblr, facebook, banking, shopping)

    you can read documents just fine on it, recieved via attachements in emails and so on.

    I agree that creating new documents is slightly more challenging. Overall user experience on an N1 for all this "laptop" related are pretty much on point.

    just my $ .02

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