Just had a scary SD experience I thought I'd share (especially as it had a happy ending).

Today I noticed that certain apps were failing to play their notification sounds (which were located on the SD card). This might also have been the reason my market updates were failing to work yesterday (see separate thread).

After a while of looking around in explorer apps and finding no SD card present, I took the back off my phone and discovered that the SD card wasn't "in". It had somehow managed to unclick itself (you know how it clicks as you push it in). I had remove the battery to be able to click it back in properly.

Once in, AndExplorer said the SD card was blank. This is where you shouldn't panic. I tried putting the SD in and out a few times and nothing would make the phone think the SD card was good. I was being offered the option to format it. Luckily I didn't take up that offer.

I put it into an adapter and plugged it into my PC. Then it appeared as an external drive and all my apps, audio files and everything else were still there.

After this, I put it back in the phone and then it suddenly started working again.

Moral of the story, if your SD card is being reported as blank, don't necessarily believe it and be tempted to format it again too quickly.