Nexus One as a Mp3 Player

This is a discussion on Nexus One as a Mp3 Player within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; does anybody who uses frequent mp3 devices know how the nexus one compares as a mp3 player to other standalone mp3 players? ive read the ...

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Thread: Nexus One as a Mp3 Player

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    Nexus One as a Mp3 Player

    does anybody who uses frequent mp3 devices know how the nexus one compares as a mp3 player to other standalone mp3 players? ive read the ipods suck as far as sound quality compared to cheaper creative zens and the best sounding standalones would be the cowon mp3's which are beautiful and just as pricy as the ipod touch's if not more. im thinking of buying some nice pricey IEM's and debating if I should get a creative zen to pair them with or if the nexus one is sufficient in comparison.

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    should have used the search option, found what i want. delete thread. thanks.

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    I use my Nexus One as an mp3 player every day. In fact, I gave my iPod touch to the girlfriend and currently use only my N1. I run 3-5 miles a week and it got to be a pain carrying my iPod and having my Nexus One on my arm tracking my times and distance.

    I made playlists on my Nexus One and ditched the iPod. As far as quality goes, it is good. I have no issues. If you aren't satisfied with the stock player, you can always install a different one. Many would rather have an equalizer within their players. The stock one is basic and easy to use, which is good for me. I like simplified.

    Other than using my N1 for tracking my distance and time while running and listening to music through the headphones, I also use it as a substitute for radio and personal music favorites for when I'm driving.

    Overall, it's good. I use it often and I have no problems or dissatisfaction's. Hope that helps! :nexusx:

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    The thing about MP3 is that alot of the sound depends on the quality of the bit rate. Something converted at 128kps is not gonna sound as good as something at 192kps or 256kps. MP3 player can play a part in output sound, but you still have to take in part the type of headphones you are using and type of functions the ipod has as far as things like EQ and sound balancing.

    You have to remember that the Nexus One is a mp3 player but is a phone first and foremost. So take the quality for what it's worth compared to product solely focused on being a mp3 player. I use MixZing it's a great UI mp3 player. The EQ help for the sound enhancement when I'm listening to in the car via Bluetooth.

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    I use mine for music all of the time. I still use my zen x-fi but have found the sound quality of the N1 was only slightly less.

    The best part of the N1 for mp3's is the dock. I use the dock and bluetooth and basically use the phone as a remote. The sound is quite nice on my $90 M-Audio powered speakers with the RCA jacks plugged into it.

    One more thing. The earbuds are very nice. I have a Fender MyTouch 3g and the earbuds that came with it are nice, but pale in comparison to the N1's earbuds. Although I still prefer the "in-ear" version that came with my Zen X-Fi.

    So yes. Use it for mp3's and remember that equalizers on media player aps burn a lot of battery juice.

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