What Has Your Nexus Done For You Lately

This is a discussion on What Has Your Nexus Done For You Lately within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; 1.I was driving from San Antonio to Houston with my sister, when she got a call from a client needing some paperwork. So I enabled ...

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Thread: What Has Your Nexus Done For You Lately

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    1.I was driving from San Antonio to Houston with my sister, when she got a call from a client needing some paperwork. So I enabled my N1's hotspot so she could use her laptop to access her computer at work.

    2. Used the flashlight when the storm knocked out power at my house a few weeks ago.
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    I'm sitting in a Holiday Inn next to the Heathrow airport surfing the web on a tethered hotspot and avoiding the 15 pound / day internet fee! Woo hoo!

    To top it all off, I get to go home to the states tomorrow! Woo hoo!

    I have to say, I have enjoyed my (almost) two weeks here.

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    I was having a couple of beers with my buddies last night and realized no one had a bottle opener. At this point I would usually just ask someone for a lighter, but none of my friends smoke anymore (yay). What did I do? I used the bottom corner of my N1 to pop off the bottle cap. I gotta have my beer!

    Yes, I had a case over the phone.

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    One word Torch

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    Last week I was watching football but running out of time to work out. Then it occurred to me my N1 could do flash. I fired up Justin.tv and found the game. I tuned it in and popped my nexus into my mount on my bicycle (a slightly modified hip holster), put on my headphones and went.

    I got to see the whole game, which went into overtime, and I got my workout done. Thank you T-mo 3G!

    Only bummer is having to use justin.tv, because there's no legitimate way to stream sports sometimes.

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    Check out the "live tv" app in the market. Is a nice alternative to justin.tv and has lots of channels for your viewing pleasure.
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    The following is something that has not yet been utilized in a real life situation, but I thought it significant enough to include in this thread.
    Consider the following scenario...
    A blind person with an N1.
    A home bound or bedridden person with HS internet.
    Set up an account with ustream for streaming video from the N1 in real time.
    Bluetooth headset for the blind person to use to receive audio feedback from the homebound person who gets visual information from the video feed via ustream.
    "is this a can of beans or tomatoes?"
    or "hey that clerk just slipped you a one not a five"
    or "that person 20 feet to your left is trying to get your attention"

    Meanwhile for the homebound person, the blind ambulator could act as a proxy, a window to the world a way to get out and see the world vicariously.
    All it needs is for the telcos to allow unlimited data for those situations and a way to have video feed and voice at the same time.

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    Android = FOREVER

    Android has done many things for the past year so let me explain my story.

    I got my Nexus One around January 2010 when it was first released. A day later, i went back to where i was living for a year, the Syrian Arabic Republic (or Syria for short) and let me tell you now, because of US Law, Syria is considered an Embargoed (or blocked) country meaning to no access to the stuff like the Market but did that stop the Nexus One? Nope

    So lets start the story:

    So at times, the weirdest or coolest stuff happens in Syria, or maybe good moments come around

    :nexusx: Nexus One has a built in 5 mega-pixel camera with video recorder

    Now, i have lots of family trips, it pretty normal but really its not that interesting

    :nexusx: Nexus One has a built-in music player
    That was one of the best things that helped but in June 2010, i returned to the USA to stay there (i went to Syria for a year to learn Arabic)

    Now, after installing apps and rooting to Cyanogen, the big story begins:

    At times, this kid annoys me for some problem which is very worthless to explain and he keeps calling me and texting me, VERY ANNOYING

    :nexusx: After reading a "How-to" article, i can block incoming calls and texts from him

    Now, this part was helpful, i was walking around the lake at night with my friend and we were at the guys house that i said was annoying. Now, im friends with someone he hates so we just start saying loudly, "ISINT IT GREAT TO BE FRIENDS?" and stuff and from nowhere, i start hearing smashing sounds.

    :nexusx: CyanogenMod's built-in Torch with "Bright" option used to see

    Okay, so my friend has an iPhone and we wanted to share pictures. Sadly, the Bluetooth her iPhone has is not as great and she said she needed to install some app to work.

    :nexusx: Luckily, both and iPhone have "Bump" so sharing was easy

    Now, im not always at my phone 24/7 so i miss calls or text because i may not hear them since im at a different room

    :nexusx: Trackballs lits up red if i miss a call, green when a text comes

    I always check out sides like AbsolutelyAndroid.com, androidandme.com, and many more android news sites for the latest apps and there are times when i search up an app, there is like 1,000 apps on the market with the same name.

    :nexusx: Luckily, Android sites have the QR code so i just scan it and i find the app easily

    Now, there are times i want to read a page but my mom wants to use the laptop and finding the page could be a pain.

    :nexusx: With the "Chrome-To-Phone" option, i just send the link to my phone with a click of a button and it opens on my phone

    Now, i sometimes leave my phone somewhere and have no idea when i try calling it, i remembered its on silent or vibrate

    :nexusx: With "Wheres My Droid" app, if my phone is on silent, i send a text message to my phone and the it starts ringing

    Now, i go to many places which dont interest me and i need something to do

    :nexusx: Luckily, the Market has many apps and games so there is always something to do on my phone

    Now, most of my friends phones dont really send much by Bluetooth and the stock Bluetooth version doesnt have many options

    :nexusx: With the app "Bluetooth File Transfer", i can send anything from my phone to my friends, great for sharing photos and music

    Now, do you like anyone going through your phone? I know i dont so i wanna be sure no one does

    :nexusx: The Lock Pattern makes it ALOT harder for ANYONE to access your phone

    Now, we need to be prepared if our phones get stolen or lost but how?

    :nexusx: Many apps like SmrtGuard can track your phones and even if you cant, there are apps like "remote wipe for root users" can clean your phone so no one can access your data

    Now, no one knows every word and some people like me dont have a 3G plan so we cant search up for an online dictionary

    :nexusx: An app called "ColorDict" is an offline dictionary helps me on that

    Many smartphones like the iPhone require you to PURCHASE ringtones from their store but sometimes, i may want to make my ringtone a song i have on my phone.

    :nexusx: No problem, i just go to the Music, long hold on the song i want, and there is a "Use as phone ringtone" option.
    This is just SOME of the things that my Nexus One :nexusx: can do, and like i said before, i have no 3G plan. Cheers to Google on the first phone which was considered a test phone

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    i had no internet or tv for two days.
    my nexus one with wifi hotspot and tethering was my own little 21 st century island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SliceBurgSlim View Post
    Check out the "live tv" app in the market. Is a nice alternative to justin.tv and has lots of channels for your viewing pleasure.

    tethering and google maps <3

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