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Thread: ASIW, I Compared N1 to Droid2

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    ASIW, I Compared N1 to Droid2

    My co-worker has a LG EnV Touch that was having problems and I took him to the Big Red Store last Friday. I picked up the Droid X and played with it. Nice, but no Froyo. I picked up the Droid2 with 2.2 and was fairly impressed. In store with all of my apps I compared my N1 to the D2. NO CONTEST. The D2 was jerky and when searching websites the N1 won every time, by a wide margin. Screen? Sure there are more pix on the D2, but amoled was better in every other way. Sense or Moto Keyboard (whatever it is) was better than the stock 2.2, but I've gotten used to it.

    I now know that I the biggest mistake I made this year was to go on here and bag on Google for no longer selling the N1 online.

    Sure there are bigger phones with 4g access and better guts, but I've yet to see one that made me wish I had it instead of my N1.

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    I went into an AT&T store and talked to a sales rep that was the first time I actually enjoyed his input. I wanted to check out the Captivate but they didn't have a working one displayed or avail to check out cause it was messed up (not reading sim card). Then I saw they will be selling the Sony Xperia end of month, (1.6 most likely). He had no information to give to me about cause the gave no specs or information to tell customers. Just the display to put out.

    So then we got to talking about more of the other Android phones AT&T was picking up. We got pretty detailed into the conversation. Then I brought up that I had the Nexus and he immediately said "dude, that is a sweet phone and I have not seen a google phone better than that phone. Wished he could affored one" Made me feel proud of my little one. We didn't go into details about it cause I could tell he knew a lot about the phone, but never asked to check it out. Probably cause it was after hour. We ended up talking when the store closed, but he didn't even mind or try to rush me out the store. I felt bad and apologized but he was good with it.

    The best part of this entire conversation, not ONCE did he bring up the iPhone or even want to sell me one. I think he was a Google Fan, cause he was the first rep I met that really knew what he was talking about.

    I took his card.

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