Threw my N1 against a wall!

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Thread: Threw my N1 against a wall!

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    Threw my N1 against a wall!

    So my girlfriend wakes me up literally on top of me (not what your thinking!) to turn off a fan next to me and then tells me my N1 is flashing. I woke up half asleep in the middle of a dream in complete anger, it was like some sort of nightmare, I wasn't truly awake.

    I grabbed the phone off of her, tried to turn off the light but I couldn't work it out because I was still asleep I think and decided it would be best to throw it across the room. It banged against the wall and at that point I actually woke up and gathered the battery and door which had come off.

    Had to spend 10 mins clipping in the internals back inside, the inside had come loose next to the battery terminals. Luckily, clicked it all back together and you wouldn't know its been thrown against a wall in rage! Thanks HTC/Google for such high build quality!
    Nothing is perfect, but we must not lose faith in perfection. If we did, everything would be a whole lot worse than it is now!

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    It must have been one hell of a dream. I am glad it still works.

    One day after I bought my N1 I was at the pool and swatted at a pesty fly, wherein my N1 which was in my hand, got flung across the pool deck. I was mortified but luckily nothing was damaged and more luckily the phone did not end up in the pool. Since then I have bought a case for it.

    It would be interesting to hear stories from others who have dropped or thrown their N1's by accident and how they still worked flawlessly afterward.

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    hackey sack my phone..

    Played drunk hackey sack with mine.. dropped it once...little ding..but alive..

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