New N1 user unlocking?

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Thread: New N1 user unlocking?

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    New N1 user unlocking?

    Hi I am a new Nexus one user AT&T version.

    I want to know if I become a android dev, I am allowed to unlock the bootloader while retaining the warranty? I thought Google would allow this, they say you can then install your custom builds?

    Can I root the phone without unlocking bootloader? The phone has just updated to latest Froyo FRF91

    Whats the advantage of the Cryogen mod ROM I see a lot of people are using it. Can I install it without voiding warranty?


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    I'm reasonably certain being a developer doesn't exclude you from any warranty conditions for purchased hardware.

    I believe the very first thing you need to do with the N1 is unlocking it, trivial to do but afaik the one step you can't go backwards on.

    Having said that, HTC in the past has been very easy going regarding this, so I suspect as long as you reverted to stock and with the limited options for replacing or repairing these units getting fewer each day, as long as you're smart rooting or not shouldn't make a big difference. I just doubt development status matters.


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    Im pretty sure that there is a one touch root app, and it does not unlock the bootloader.

    But im not sure on the details.

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    You can root the phone without unlocking the bootloader - just follow the first part of the the instructions in the link and you will be rooted in just a few minutes. The rest of the post deals with how to install custom roms, kernals, radios etc

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