My name is eric and i had a nexus 1 and loved it. Even better i got fantastic support

Now i have a samsung galaxy vibrant. And while it is suppose to be the top notch like the nexus and i love it, no forum compares to the nexus 1 forum so i hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions

It is very simple. I am not able to set contacts in my speed dials and i thought that was 1 of the applicationS. That would have been affected once i use the set to default with in the contacts.

In other words for example if i m trying to set a speed dial number 1 for Joe and i pressed his name and he has 2 numbers but i already set 1 as default both numbers will still pop up asking which 1

In the past i thought i was told that setting 1 as default would have corrected that. It did not could you tell me what i did wrong and what i need to do to get this speed dial set

at this point i need to take 1 number out of the contacts set this need all and put the number back it is crazy

First of all thank you
Lastly if i have an application and i have problems with it but i get no response from the maker do i have any recourse with google??

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