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This is a discussion on Bent Nexus One within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Oh my that is bad. I am sure they would want the most they could get to fix it. I don't see how they could ...

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Thread: Bent Nexus One

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    Oh my that is bad.

    I am sure they would want the most they could get to fix it. I don't see how they could fix it. Maybe replace it for the 380.00. But still, that is bad..

    Were you at a gym? If so, maybe their insurance would replace it. If you were at home, maybe you could write the manufacture of the machine you were using and tell them it attacked you. lol

    I am sorry, wish I was a millionaire, I would get you another one!

    Hang in there and Keep us posted.
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    oh im so sorry .... those pictures almost made me cry
    "I smell blood, something is calling me"

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    I actually lol'ed @ the pics but im kinda drunk so dont mind me. Looks like the Mytouch3G kinda with the bottom bent like that. Sorry for your lost though, I know I would be crying. If the processor is undamaged, then maybe they can salvage that part and simply replace it in a new body.

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    n1 with a chin!

    seriously, those pics made me cringe...good luck wit everything....
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    Those pictures are INSANE.

    I'd like to see an iPhone like that.
    Oh, and I'm sorry for your loss.
    This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

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    380 seems OK...

    I was expecting more bend XD... But yes, its amazing it still works
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    You could tidy it up, call it the HTC Hero 2, and sell it as a prototype! Make enough to buy a new N1! :rofl3:

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    That would make me sick. Hope you get it fixed soon.
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    Wow. The N1 takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!
    Good Luck on getting it repaired. Keep us posted girl.
    (BTW I noticed you're a girl...won't make that same mistake again )
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    thats why i use a bluetooth headset in the gym.... i cant imagine that on my phone >.<

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