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Thread: batteries

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    Quote Originally Posted by dm60462 View Post
    There are power management apps but at some point, manual monitoring of what you’re using is going to help you more. (And Kevin_808 is right. Twitter makes everything suck.)

    The basics for any newbie – watch your screen brightness settings. Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not connecting to someone or something, and turn off WiFi if you’re away from a hot spot. I believe the phone has a stock “power management” widget. It’s simple to use and easy to see at a glance from a home page what you do and don’t have turned on.

    If you’re on the web, periodically press the little “pages” icon in your browser (looks like a rectangle with a couple others coming off the corners). You easily can have multiple pages running at once and not know it. Close the ones you're not using.

    Did I mention that Kevin_808 is right? Yeah. He’s right. Check your app settings (from the Applications section of the Settings app). Look at each of your refresh rates. Do you really need to have every app on your phone refresh every 10 minutes 24/7? Could you live with hitting a Refresh icon in an app when you want to refresh it, or could you have only the app you’re using at the moment refresh at a high rate?

    Lastly, use the desk dock when you’re not on the phone and the car dock in the car when you’re driving (note that the Navigation feature is an app that refreshes constantly i.e. power hog). And, it never hurts to own a second battery.
    tx for all the infos. A lot to learn as a noob. So far, I love the N1 ! Considering the fact that its a little laptop in your pocket, the battery life is not that bad. Little flaws here and there, but overall i think its a better phone than the iphone.

    Thank you for taking time to help the newly users, its appreciated :D

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    My battery goes fast with bluetooth on all day.
    :nexusx: Serious Android Fan :nexusx:

    Don't see anything in a newer phone that gives me a temptation to leave my Nexus One!

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    OK thank you all for all the help.
    Yes I do love my nexus one it isa good phone.
    OK I have my youtube on accounts & sync settings.
    But I can't turn sync on ? can you help please.
    All The Best

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