Post everything 2.2.1 related here.

This is a discussion on Post everything 2.2.1 related here. within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; Originally Posted by wingod I just got it. I am from Hong Kong. What's new in it? I got it an hour ago and I ...

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Thread: Post everything 2.2.1 related here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingod View Post
    I just got it. I am from Hong Kong.

    What's new in it?
    I got it an hour ago and I can't see what is different. I'm in Vancouver Canada. I would also like to hear from some of our guru's what to look for.



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    just got it.
    "I smell blood, something is calling me"

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    Just got mine.. and using my phone to type this lol.
    The update prompt had a choice for 'mote info' but all it said was it was an update to 2.2.1.

    I am noticing some issues now with my 3G connection.
    Im using the at&t unlocked version. I've never had any 3G problems before this...
    But maybe its because it was 113 in LA today and somehow it messed up the towers? Lol

    okay I noticed one thing that is different. Before today, I had the Gmail App updated to the newest version, and it would show up on my Settings-->Applications-->Manage Applications list. But now after the update it's no longer there, and the memory that was allotted to it is now free for use. =D

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    Anyway. This update broke a ton of things.

    One of the main things is my work email, with exchange.

    Prior to this update everything was great. Easy to set up and no issues. Now my phone says my work account requires administrative privileges. This includes the option to wipe the phone, control the phone, and view everything on the phone. I personally find this a huge security risk. In addition, it is requiring a password lock screen. With how often I check my phone, this is not an acceptable.

    My work says they do not require these permissions, which makes sense since they have not appeared before this update. Anyway, until google fixes this bug and security hole, I was wondering if anyone has found any solutions or workarounds. All I can find are for previous releases or require root, not an option for me unfortunately.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Got mine! Today Morning

    Feels awesome to be Kosher!

    Love my Pure, Pristine, UnROOTED N1!

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    How do I get rid of this update I'm roooted runing a custom rom but I keep geting the update it wont go away lol

    rooted Nexus S 4G

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    Just wondering if i should update, just got the ota.

    Unrooted, but some people are having problems with it, gettign stuck on the loading screen.

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    Just got OTA

    Vodafone Uk supplied handset
    Unlocked bootloader and rooted
    running stock os, think it was frf91

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    Backing up my system now before I get force-fed this apparently bad update

    Does anyone know what the situation is for those of us who [one-click] rooted and installed CM6 ? I don't want this 2.2.1 update which apparently is causing lots of people problems. I hope that by having CM6 I'm immune to OTA updates and only get my updates from Cyanogen (once they've integrated the update into CM like they did with Froyo).

    Will my phone reboot some time in the next hours/days and be back to stock against my will ? ...and then be only rootable via the difficult method? This is all very Apple-like tactics from Google and totally unexpected.

    For now, and until I hear different, my phone's staying in airplane mode with no wifi either.
    o- Nexus One running CyanogenMod 6.0
    o- Samsung Galaxy Tab running stock Froyo (update: running Gingerbread and virtually useless)

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    It Got My Updated Today Morning. It just took 3-5 mins to complete the installation and works fine. no problem in this update

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