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Thread: Post everything 2.2.1 related here.

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    Got tired of waiting and just installed manually. Finally ecstatic that the wifi sleep issue got fixed for me, which was this phone's one fatal flaw. I haven't really noticed anything else with 2.2.1

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    Just received my update and installed it withoout any problems. I had the one click root, unrooted the phone which I hated to do and updated. Everything is working great except my one cliick root doesn't work..I knew that going into the update. I figure someone will figure out a new one click root and go from there. Didn't want to bypass the update even if it was for minor things. I understand from other people the wifi sleep issue is fixed but I didn't have that problem with my device.

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    OTA update.

    Quote Originally Posted by koolbon View Post
    I got an OTA notification and am trying to install it.
    I am stuck at the triangle... about 10 minutes now.
    I just got it and had no problem with it. Intallation ran smooth.:nexusx:

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    finally i got mine this morning and it took about a minute to reboot and installed. Haven't explore what is the update for.

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    Just got mine OTA on the stock OS.

    My sleepy wifi problem seems to be fixed as well. Nice.

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    2.1.1 Noob Questions about Rooting

    "I have it on good authority that this will patch the universal root method o_O"

    Ok. I just copied this from the OTA thread because I've been reading about the rootkey or whatever it's call. I guess it the One click root.

    I'm waiting to root and want to be able to do so easily, because I can just see myself brickin' my prized phone.

    What I need to know is.

    Will this update affect my ability to root in the future?

    If I don't install it, will I not receive Gingerbread?

    Am I at a crossroads here? Is it root now or suffer the consequences?

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    Got my OTA a few minutes ago. Works great - loaded faster than I thought it would.

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    hehe....installing now :D

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    todays ota broke my phone

    hi, i'm new here....been lurking awhile but this is my first post.

    so today, about an hour ago, i did the ota. my phone got really hot and rebooted itself 7 times, until eventually i removed the battery and let it chill a bit. i noticed that it changed my wallpaper back to the stock live wallpaper, and NOTHING works but the dialer.

    everything either force closes, or briefly flickers on, then back to my home page. internet is gone, cant do updates from market, because it either fc's or shows the grey line when something is downloading, but it just stays grey. i can open my email app, and see the list, but when i touch the individual emails, it flicks on and then back to the list.

    my friend also got the ota and although hers rebooted itself a couple times, it's working fine.


    my wallpaper was a live wallpaper called shake em up. it was hilarious! but now it's gone from my phone, the download list, and my friend cant even find it in the market. what gives?


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    Funny, I was just about to ask the same question. I assume I'll lose my free shazam, but I don't mind paying for soundhound. I'm just not ready to put in the time to learn all I need to know to root.

    So I'm wondering if I should accept the update or not, too.

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