Help: My N1 full with water

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Thread: Help: My N1 full with water

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    I know it's going to be seriously difficult not to try and turn the phone on. It's human nature to want to see if it's still alive!

    I've actually baked phones in the oven before (lowest possible oven setting, battery out, directly on the rack) and they've come back to life like a charm. Although, I wonder whether this would work for the N1..I worry that the large screen might melt or something.

    I'll second the bag of rice trick. Also, having a fan directly on it overnight helps also. (That's what I did when I dumped a hot mug of tea on my laptop, which I'm typing on right now!)

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    It's only natural to turn the thing on to see if it works. But don't do it. Keep it off while it dries out. Air, blower, whatever. Probably safest is to put it into a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours, minimum. I'd pull the battery, cards, take back off, and leave off while in the rice.
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    I could be wrong, but AFAIK, water itself doesn't really damage much. It's the short circuits that the water permits that cause the damage. Therefore, as other people have said, if you only turn it on after it's completely dry, it should be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seaman View Post
    I'm using N1 since 3 months , unfortunately it submersed in water , i took out the battery & dray the phone , try to restart but it shows black screen with red , green color in the scroll ball.

    Any advice to back my N1 in service?

    Put it a Big bowl of Rice for 3 Days. Good to Go

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    Had this happen to my old Omnia. Thought I would leave it for dead in my dresser drawer, battery out. Lo and behold the phone raised itself from the dead months down the road.
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