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Are you even considering buying another Nexus One? Some online stores still have them, although a tad bit more expensive. If money is not an option it is what I would do in a heartbeat. I would scour the world for another N1 (I love it that much).

I am sure you know of many sites but here is one that I have used twice and always got what I ordered and within a reasonable time frame (as I said a bit more expensive, just depends on how much you want another N1). Oh and after reading rooting probs with the G2.....I dont know.

HTC GOOGLE NEXUS ONE (Base Pack) Wifi/HSDPA/Strereo Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone on Android 2.1 O.S. with 5Mbpixel AF Cam, GPS, Google Search, Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail - Factory Unlocked*::*HTC*::*By Brand*::*Unlocked GSM World Cellular Phones,
Hey thanks for the heads up on the site.. Im still wondering what I want to do about the Samsung or Nexus. I know for a fact the Nexus easily defeats the Vibrant in almost every category. The ONLY thing the Samsung does better is the display but no 2.2 yet smh so if anything I think id go the Craigslist route. Theyre a little bit cheaper.

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Well if you can go without your nexus one for a little while you can probably get one on eBay for a little cheaper than that like mine I got (after they stopped being available on Google’s web store) it for 600.00 USD plus shipping but it took a little while to find one at a lower price.
But if you don`t want to wait 650.00 is about the same as average on eBay.
Honestly I couldnt or wouldnt pay another 600 for the Nexus. It easily is the top 3 most powerful Android devices out today after all this time its been out. I just have more important things to pay for so sadly I wouldnt be able to afford a new nexus at this time but i might be able to arrange a trade for the Samsung Vibrant when it arrivers to someone who doesnt know what the Nexus is capable of on Craigslist. Thatd probably be my best option at this time