Developer Ennovation has lost their bid to continue to include the MP3 file format in their HiFiCorder app for Android.

Previously the app could record in OGG, WAV or MP3 at high quality and send via SMS or email. But recent changes have withdrawn the MP3 support.

IMO - This is still an awesome recording app and it still records at high quality, but in order to email or SMS these audio files as MP3, a couple extra steps are now needed.

-- Workaround --

Download/install the HiFiCorder app from market.
Download/install the FreeMP3Droid app from market.
Download/install Attachment to SD app from market.
Download/install EStrongs File Explorer from market.

Record in WAV, save file. Long press and choose Compress to MP3. Then long press that file and save to SD. Then open EStrongs File Explorer and navigate to the directory containing the MP3 file (directory can be assigned in Attachment to SD > Settings.) Then long press and choose to send.