My Nexus One has changed my life in terms of organization...I love it.

Playing music on it is not good. The 3mm headphone jack is O.K. certainly not as good as an Iphone. It's been documented that the N1 has a bass dip from that jack. My klipsch S4's help.

Bluetooth streaming is unuseable. In theory you can bypass the bass dip completely by using the bluetooth connection but the Android operating system locks the bitpool at 32!!!!!!!!!!! That's as bad and low as it gets. That means whatever music you have on your phone will be compressed and mauled to death just to fit in the stream. On WM for example, you can set the bitpool to what ever you want and Iphone sets it high enough to get a pretty good sound. Older sympians and Palms will have excellent sound quality using BT. All android phones are stuck at 32...unless running cyanogens rom which produces excellent fidelity for even an just under 60.