So here is the situation: I just purchased an N1 to play around with and decided I would like to use it as my primary phone. I currently have a Nokia N97 with AT&T and have their $15 medianet unlimited data plan (AT&T doesnít seem to recognize the N97 as a smartphone). Rather than pay $25 for a smartphone 2GB data plan (which they force you to do as they detect the N1 as a smartphone), Iím considering dumping AT&T and go with T-Mobileís prepaid plan with no data. I hardly make phone calls from my cell, and Iím usually around wifi if I need data. With AT&T, a $15 buck unlimited data plan is cheap enough to justify the cost - $25 not so much.

What I would REALLY love to do is figure out a way to tether my N1 to my work blackberry, since I have to carry that around all the time anyway, but I havenít found a way to do that. I know I can tether my laptop to my blackberry via Bluetooth DUN, and I can tether my N1 to my Nokia with an adhoc Wifi app. But, carrying around 3 devices defeats the original purpose.

Any advice is welcome Ė thanks.