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Thread: Next nexus feature

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    Next nexus feature

    Now I know that most of us don`t like the new nexus S phone So what I would like to know is what exactly you want to see in the next nexus. I was inspired for this thread by FC1032 and his signature. I will be going over everything that is said in this thread and putting into one post with the most wanted features etc. And who knows maybe there is somebody at Google who will see this thread and say wow maybe these should actually be in the phone (I know unlikely but who knows).

    I would like to see manufactures, hardware features and outer look (so if we have any artsy guys in this forum I would like to see some drawings or mock-ups.

    Here is what we have come up with so far
    -htc I think this is really a universal preference.
    -aluminum body
    -super or ultra amoled (depending where the technology is at)
    -4" screen
    -true multitouch
    -retina resolution
    -tegra two (or whatever we are at, at that point)
    -2GHz processor (by the time this phone is out we will be there)
    -1GB RAM
    -16GB internal storage
    -curved glass
    -gorilla glass
    -proximity sensor
    -NFC chip
    -8MP camera
    -camera flash
    -front camera
    -720p recording resolution
    -Led notification
    -SD card slot
    -Bluetooth 3.0
    -Good look like the nexus one
    -Front facing speaker (sterio)
    -2 SIM slots
    -Digital radio
    -IEEE 802.11n
    -Second noise cancelling mic
    -More accessories

    Pics (mock-ups) of what I think it would look like from front and back.
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    Senior Member fiercefire's Avatar
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    Dual core processor
    LTE support
    Kickstand (yes, I'm jealous)
    Front facing speaker, stereo if possible
    Another Android sleeve <3

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    +10 on the Kickstand!
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    Oh, one more thing, but the NS may already have this.

    A physical button for the camera. It can be multifunction, but I don't want another trackball...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiercefire View Post
    I don't want another trackball...
    Do you mind me asking why not cause I actually like the trackball it's pretty useful.

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    +1 on the trackball...and i like how it alerts me in colors for different things such as email, txtmsg, missed call etc...
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    Yeah, I'm liking the trackball. Must admit I haven't tried any other options so I can't compare. But I like the trackball.

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    i too like the trackball, wish it will be included on my future phone...
    why cant they make like an imbedded led ring around a optical track

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    I doubt we'll ever see another phone with a trackball. Many people don't like them (cuz they don't get colors like us!) and they are considered passe, retro, it's soooo 2009! :rofl3:

    What I don't understand is the desire for a front facing camera. Other than skype and IM sexting I don't get it.

    -I'd prefer a retina screen to a super amoled.
    -I'd also like a 4" screen
    -HTC and keep the body the same!
    -I agree on the 8mp camera as long as it's as good as the one we have, cuz the 8mp camera on the incredible isn't as good as our 5mp camera.
    -2 simcard slots
    -I agree on the memory, but why stop at 16G and 1G? I say 32G and 2G!
    -NFC for sure!
    -HDMI out

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    Well first off, I will agree that, it will be hard to give up my Nexus for the phones that are coming out of late.

    One thing that needs to be is, a faster CPU. Either more Ghz, or duel core. A dual core with more Ghz would be nice.

    The ram would need to be higher of course, to support the bigger CPU, and the memory well, if we're goin all out, why not a onboard 32gb, if not a 64gb and a sd.

    Better GPS, maybe even, calling over GPS/Satellite calling and even data. Definitely gotta have the fastest data, which is 4G.

    4.0 screen is just right, its not huge like that hd2. Too bulky, but bigger than N1. And at Least a AMOLED.

    I agree with a bigger mp camera, then yeah, front facing one just for the fun of it. lol

    Trackball or touchpad, it does come in handy at times, but if not, for sure some kind of led notifier, colored of course. Cuz its cool! (and helpfull)

    As far as the software, it would be cool to have a thump print scanner to unlock the phone, insted of a swype code or number lock.

    The dual speaker is a good idea, I will agree with that.

    Then of course, its gotta have style, like the N1. One of a kind, definitely!

    Oh, and one more thing, the touch bottons with different colors and modifiable.

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