I've been curious lately about how much energy is consumed by the display on the Nexus One. I did some quick research comparing the AMOLED to the iPhone LCD and came across this page:
iPhone 4 Retina vs super AMOLED Display Comparison
The iPhone trumps the N1 in terms of power consumption AND brightness. How is this even possible? I thought the major advantage of OLED displays was that they produce brighter hues and use less energy.

Does anyone care to comment on how this is feasible from a physics standpoint?

Also I have a theory that AMOLED uses less energy when producing black than white, therefore the OS should display as much black as possible (ie the notification bar should be black, is it is with Gingerbread, etc) to save energy. Again, can anyone confirm this theory or does power consumption not differ appreciably when display black vs. color vs white with AMOLED.