Nexus one is better than nexus S.

This is a discussion on Nexus one is better than nexus S. within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; A week ago i made up my mind to replace my nexus one for a new nexus S. However after reading a few reviews, I ...

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Thread: Nexus one is better than nexus S.

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    Nexus one is better than nexus S.

    A week ago i made up my mind to replace my nexus one for a new nexus S. However after reading a few reviews, I have to say Im not sure its a good move.

    Here is where nexus one excels over the S:
    1.No SD card in Nexus S. I know that most of user dont switch SD cards but i do especially when on the road.
    2. No notification light on the S. I dont use the trackball, but the colored notifications on the nexus one are very useful to me.
    3. Nexus one had a unique and expensive look. S looks like a toy.

    Here is where they r tied:
    1. Gingerbread. Both will have it.
    2. Camera 5MP. both about same mediocre quality. no real substantial difference here.

    Here is where Nexus S is better:
    1. this near chip thingy. probably wont be useful for atleast 6 months, if than. and we still have to see what devs will develop for it. Probably will be mature for nexus 3.
    2. Humingbird CPU, or however u call it. It is better than nexus one however u will notice the difference mostly in games and not everyday use. If u care about games (im not) than it might make a difference.
    3. slightly bigger screen: 4 vs 3.7. I dont care. curved screen: i dont care.
    4. front facing camera. Im not a fun of video calling and i never missed that function in my nexus one.
    5. Better multi touch(specifically for upcoming new google map). This might be the only real reason to upgrade to nexus S.

    I probably forgot a few things. But overall i have to say that unless the new navigation app is really hampered in the nexus one compared to S I will stick to my Phone till the next nexus (3?) will come around.

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    You pretty much hit the nail on the head with your description.

    If your waiting for the next nexus would you mind telling me what you want to see in it?

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    I am having issues with the Nexus S. I really love my N1, I have even put a Ginge theme on it over CM6.1 but everytime I see the NS I think ebay. I can't deal with it now. It looks really nice. I like the Sammy GS. People say its too plasticy bit its pretty nice.
    Damn it I am torn.
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    I think that many people had all these hopes built up for the next nexus, and since it didn't work out then they are now all putting down what is a top of the market phone. People are complaining about no sd slot, but really if your changing sd cardds that often then you can just change all the files using your pc. Unless you personally like the style of the N1 of the NS then ther is no feature better on the N! then on the NS. Everyone is assuming that there will be no notification led, but that small light at the top of the phone that lights up orange when you charge, or red when dying, or green when fully charged? Who says that may not be utilized in the NS for notification. The NS may not be a big upgrade, but it is an upgrade non the less.
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    It is too soon for a major upgrade. Usually if you want a real change you have to jump over at least a generation. I bought my Nexus with the plan to keep it for 2 years, I am not 1/2 there yet. I think the Nexus S does look like a superior phone, and if I was buying in today's market, it is with out question the best choice. How ever, as an upgrade over the NexusOne? Its not $500 better(current price). $50? Sure, $100? Maybe... $150? Nope. Not IMO at least.

    With GB the NexusOne will still do just about everything (minus vid chat) and by the time the Nexus Three comes out dual core phones will be standard, and quad core might be on the horizon making the Nexus Three potentially a real upgrade worth the $500 or so it will likely cost.

    Now if my Nexus should die/get lost/etc, I would likly replace it with a Nexus S.
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    For those who missed the nexus one ... The nexus s is their only resort... So let us be hospitable to those who weren't early adopters but want to buy the pure google android experience

    plus they've got gingerbread out of the box yo! (will they ever get an OTA? I sure do hope so)

    Plus are they carrier free or locked like those yucky iphones that need jail breaking?

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    But I believe Nexus S is actually Samsung Galaxy S! correct me if I am wrong. Some additional features maybe such as camera flash.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mhamha View Post
    But I believe Nexus S is actually Samsung Galaxy S! correct me if I am wrong. Some additional features maybe such as camera flash.

    Well, Nope -Not REALLY - The Nexus S is pure Android - no Samsung Add-ons
    Hardware wise ALL MOBILE phone manufacturers have more or less accepted N1 specs as the standard for superphones

    Our 1 Ghz CPU is the current sound barrier to break for mobiles for the time being

    Simply put - Galaxy won't get the OTA direct from Google at Mountain View, but via Samsung in Seoul

    Hope i answered your question

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    I'd say it's rather Nexus 1.5 than Nexus 2.0. Entirely agree with VydorScope, it's not worth to upgrade to for the ones having Nexus One, and users choosing now between Nexus One or Nexus S, probably should consider the points thread's author has mentioned.

    For example I bought my Nexus One just two weeks ago. I knew Nexus S was coming, but after I saw first shots of it, I was like "no way!". I don't really care about new google maps, since I use iGO for navigation anyway. So my thinking is: if you're a geek of things like AMOLED or allergic to quallcomm processors or really like cheap-looking plastic glossy phones, or really want a hardware multitouch support - your choice is Nexus S.

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    I'd agree with the title of this thread for current Nexus One owners only.

    If you're thinking of going 'Pure Google' then I'd definitely get the Nexus S. It's also worth mentioning though that this extra Nexus handset allows others who can't afford the new S to buy a Nexus One and still experience the purity of Google ;-)

    Personally, I'm really disappointed by the Nexus S; but only because of how it compares to my Nexus One. I was really excited about a super new handset to upgrade to, but since I found out the spec, I see no reason for upgrade considering the cost. If it was cheaper or I had more money to waste, I'd probably go buy one!

    My main thoughts on Nexus S:

    1. NFC doesn't interest me at this stage, I see it as an early adopters feature. There is absolutely no use for it at this stage that I can forsee. I think at earliest, it will be 6 months before it actually becomes a nice little feature to have

    2. The added performance of the new phone does annoy me a bit. That's one of the main reasons I'd probably upgrade. I know both Nexus's are 1Ghz, but all the reviews are saying the performance is so much better compared to everything.

    3. No LED notification light, this would really really annoy me. I love the multi-colour trackball on the Nexus One. How could they omit this?!

    4. No SD card option. Even though I probably wouldn't even get around to using over 16GB it annoys me that I don't have the choice if I wished to. I don't currently store a lot on my phone, but let's say I decided to replace my iPod and store music on my Nexus instead, I'd be gutted that I'd have such limited space without SD card.

    5. The plastic feel of Samsung. I'm not a great fan of Samsung to be honest. I know them for one thing best and that's screens (next point). Other than that, Samsung love their plastic mouldings, not just in smartphones! I hate that plastic feel. I love the feel of my Nexus One with teflon cover protection, the build quality is excellent.

    6. The screen of the Nexus S is awesome, I'd love to have a curved screen and that extra bit bigger too, not to mention the fact Samsung have made it meaning its probably excellent (based on comparing my mothers galaxy S to my Nexus One!). This is another reason I'd upgrade.

    Still, in conclusion, I'm keeping my Nexus One. We're happy together for functionality that I use; I don't think the Nexus S will make hardly any difference. However, if somebody took 30% off the price or gave it to me for Christmas, I would be a happy man!
    Nothing is perfect, but we must not lose faith in perfection. If we did, everything would be a whole lot worse than it is now!

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